‘Married at First Sight’: Woody Randall’s Fresh New Look Dazzles Fans

Married at First Sight‘s Woody Randall showed off a fresh new look on a recent trip. He said he was only out there for a little while, but he was back in Los Angeles. So, he might have been in LA taping for a MAFS special.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall a Fan Favorite

Woody Randall came on the Lifetime show with his best friend, Miles Williams. His upbeat personality and unique style caught viewers’ attention. Some people worried about him because his family and friends didn’t think Woody was ready for marriage.

Married at First Sight hubby Woody proved friends and family wrong. Everyone agrees that Woody Randall is a great husband to his wife, Amani. He spoils her, and they both work on communication for a successful marriage.

During the MAFS honeymoon, they were the only couple to admit to getting intimate. And Pastor Cal Roberson told them to be careful with so much chemistry between them. He warned them not to gloss over important issues because of the extreme attraction to their Married at First Sight spouse.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall

Woody’s All-Natural ‘NOLA Swag’

One fan saw Woody Randall’s new look and said he had that “NOLA swag.” Woody is rocking his natural hair, and fans are here for it. Watchers of Married at First Sight saw he was in LA, and they welcomed him to the West coast.

Woody always looks fashionable and well-put-together. Fans say Married at First Sight celeb Woody Randall’s fierce new look is awesome. And they went on to say that his whole outfit screams celebrity.

Viewers of Married at First Sight wondered if Woody was showing off his new look for Lifetime. Some former cast members were out in LA this weekend taping a commercial and a special. But he didn’t say why he was in the city — only that he wished he could stay longer.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall

Married at First Sight: Cute Couple Alert

Woody Randall and his Married at First Sight wife are at the top of fans’ list for cutest couple. Everyone loves how they communicate and do sweet things for each other. During the quarantine episode, fans got to see Woody and Amani fight just one time. And even then, the disagreement was mild.

Fans laugh when the couple teases each other about getting a dog — or having a baby. Recently, the couple decided they would wait on both the dog and the baby for now. He’s ready to have a baby right away, but Amani is pumping the breaks.

Fans of Married at First Sight and Woody Randall are ready to see little Randalls. But it looks like viewers will need to wait for a while.

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