‘Married at First Sight’: Amani Smith Rages about Pregnancy

Married at First Sight couple Amani Smith and Woody Randall continue to get questions about pregnancy. And now Lifetime fans can finally stop wondering if there is a baby on the way or not.

Married at First Sight: Amani Smith Knows Her Own Womb

Amani Smith from Married at First Sight was pretty mad when she asked, “which hoe,” said she was pregnant. She showed photos of herself in a sassy red outfit to demonstrate that she does not look pregnant. She said, “Where, when, why?”

Married at First Sight wife Amani said to let her know if they had answers. But she also said to leave her and her womb alone. It doesn’t sound like she likes the rumors of her pregnancy swirling around – especially when they aren’t true.

During Married at First Sight Woody Randall wanted to have a honeymoon baby. But they agreed that they weren’t going to do that, and they wanted to wait a little while. On a special episode of the show, they said they wanted to wait until after they have a house.

Married at First Sight: Amani Smith

Amani & Woody Randall Enjoying the Kid-Free Life

Married at First Sight star Amani and husband Woody don’t want to rush into having children. They have their work, and they just passed the one-year mark. So, it seems like they want to have some more time to spend together before adding another person into the mix.

Amani Smith enjoys going out with her husband and friends. Having a baby might slow down some of the things they enjoy regularly doing. But when the Married at First Sight couple is ready, fans said they would be great parents.

Fans of MAFS can’t wait to see Amani with a baby bump. But some people said they would stop trying to figure out when she and Woody would have their first child. Some viewers said they would be happy with them at least getting a dog together.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall - Amani Smith

Married at First Sight: The Adventurous Type

During the 12th season of Married at First Sight, experts are getting a lot of flack. But everyone said the experts did a good job when watching Woody Randall and wifey Amani Smith. They are going strong after a year, and since they have a lot of the same interests, it seems easy for the couple.

Fans of MAFS said they look forward to seeing what other adventures they get into. Woody is the outdoors type, so they do have some fun adventures. Recently they stayed in a nice house on the water in Texas for Woody’s birthday.

Amani from MAFS said that her husband is “too much” sometimes. But it seems like she really likes it and plans to stick around for a while – even if she’s not pregnant.

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