‘Married at First Sight’ Update: Ashley Petta Struggles with Second Pregnancy

Married at First Sight celeb Ashley Petta (Anthony D’Amico’s wife) shared a pregnancy update recently. And she opened up about her struggles during this second go-round.

Married at First Sight: Ashley Petta Opens Up About Second Pregnancy

Some say that a woman’s second pregnancy goes by fast. Having been through it once before, many expecting mothers even say carrying their second child is sometimes easier than the first. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Anthony D’Amico’s MAFS wife, Ashley Petta.

Anthony D’Amico’s Married at First Sight spouse said time flying by is “NOT” the case for her at all this time around. Meanwhile, she added that she feels like she has been “pregnant for a year”. Moreover, the reality is she still has another twelve weeks to go.

Ashley Petta shared a photo holding her baby bump. And it certainly grew in the last few months. Meanwhile, it looks like she is already in the Christmas spirit as well. You can see a Christmas tree and presents in the background. And they’ll certainly have a new gift to add to their family at the start of 2021.

Married at First Sight: Ashley Petta

Married at First Sight: Difficult Pregnancy for Ashley Petta

Even though Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico are eager to welcome their second Married at First Sight baby, it hasn’t been an easy road for the pair. The first few weeks were tough for Ashley – she experienced a lot of spotting and bleeding during that time. And even though the ultrasounds didn’t reveal anything concerning, it was a tough stretch for the pair.

Meanwhile, based on the latest update from Ashley Petta, those difficulties continue into her third trimester. Anthony D’Amico’s Lifetime match said carrying a child this time is “completely different” for her – and not in a good way. Moreover, it seems the next twelve weeks can’t go by fast enough for her.

Married at First Sight: Anthony D'Amico - Ashley Petta

Lifetime Pair Expanding Their Family

Married at First Sight babies are a big deal. And Anthony and Ashley are ready to add to their young family. The pair first revealed they’re expecting back in July when Ashley was at thirteen weeks. Ashley’s first pregnancy was documented on Happily Ever After. And at the time, Ashley Petta, Shawniece Jackson, and Danielle Bergman were all pregnant and expecting girls.

Meanwhile, both Shawniece and Danielle reached out to Ashley and offered words of encouragement. Because their daughters were all born so close together, that’s something the Married at First Sight mothers will always have in common. In addition, they all appear on episodes of Couples’ Cam, too. And Danielle is also pregnant with her second child with Bobby Dodd.

Ashley Petta delivered her first child with Anthony D’Amico in January 2019. And Mila Rose will be a big sister when the Married at First Sight star delivers her second child. Meanwhile, Ashley wonders what her next bundle of joy will be like. And if she will be as “spunky” and “energetic” as her big sister. The good news is that Anthony D’Amico’s spouse is in the home stretch of this pregnancy. And it won’t be long until she and Anthony find out what their daughter is like.

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