‘Married at First Sight’: Ashley and Anthony D’Amico Celebrate Two Huge Milestones

Married at First Sight duo Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico have two huge milestones to celebrate recently. The MAFS season five couple from Chicago are the only pair from their season still going strong. And, they’ve got a lot to be thankful for as a married couple.

Married at First Sight: Ashley Petta & Anthony D’Amico Reach Major Landmark

Married at First Sight pair Ashley Petta and groom Anthony D’Amico recently celebrated their latest anniversary as a married couple. Viewers remember Ashley and Anthony from the MAFS season in Chicago. And, they are one of nine matched pairs still together from the Lifetime show.

Ashley Petta shared a happy snap to mark her MAFS anniversary with Anthony D’Amico. Despite some tension during their seasons of Married at First Sight and Happily Ever After, the Lifetime duo have a lot of fun together and enjoy each other’s sense of humor. And, Ashley took the time to acknowledge Anthony and their special day.

Ashley Petta said she made the “craziest” and “best” decision of her life when she chose to walk down the aisle on Married at First Sight to marry Anthony D’Amico. Meanwhile, she added that every year since then just “keeps getting better”. And, Anthony and Ashley definitely come a long way since their initial season.

Married at First Sight: Ashley Petta - Anthony DAmico

MAFS: Ashley Pregnant with Baby #2

Their anniversary isn’t the only thing Ashley Petta and spouse Anthony D’amico have to celebrate recently. The happy Married at First Sight tandem recently announced that they’re expecting their second child together. But, that news didn’t come without its own complications.

Anthony D’Amico’s wife shared that she experiences a lot of “spotting” and “bleeding” lately. And, even though Ashley said several ultrasounds check out and the baby looks good, there’s certainly cause for concern for the soon-to-be second-time parents. Meanwhile, it’s early on in the pregnancy still. So, there will likely be further updates in the coming weeks.

Married at First Sight: Anthony D'Amico - Ashley Petta

What’s Next for Married at First Sight Couple?

Early on in their Married at First Sight journey, many viewers felt Ashley Petta took the reins a little too much in their relationship. Watchers called for Anthony to speak up and stand up for himself more. And, despite some of those early struggles, they’ve definitely found a way to make things work.

Married at First Sight fans see Anthony D’Amico and bride, Ashley Petta, on episodes of Couples’ Cam. And, they even react to other couples on new seasons. As one of the successful MAFS couples, they’re very much involved in the franchise even though its been years since they filmed their first season.

Meanwhile, as an added bonus, Anthony celebrated his 37th birthday on top of everything else going on for the pair. So, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to for him and Ashley. Meanwhile, Anthony added recently that he’s excited to be a dad again. He looks forward to seeing both of his children interact. And, in a few more months, he will definitely get that chance.

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