‘Married at First Sight’: Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre Get High Together

Married at First Sight star Shawniece Jackson surprised Jephte Pierre recently. The Lifetime husband said he was getting old because he was about to turn 30, and she wanted to do something nice for him to make him feel better.

Married at First Sight: Jephte Pierre Struggles with Aging – Shawnience Jackson Helps Out

Ever since they first got together, Married at First Sight husband Jephte Pierre teased Shawniece Jackson about her age. She’s almost two years older than him, and he teases that she is a grandma. Oftentimes Jephte asks Shawniece if she needs a walker, and now he’s feeling the aging coming on too.

Jephte Pierre said he could feel his knees and back starting to hurt. And that no one looks forward to their thirties and says, “This is when my life begins.” Since he has such a sour outlook on this milestone, Shawniece wanted to do something to make him feel young and alive.

Shawniece of Married at First Sight made plans to leave their daughter Laura Pierre behind while they got high in the sky. Jephte Pierre asked if they could get together on an airplane, but Shawniece Jackson said that was not happening. She did, however, set it up that they go up in a helicopter and look over the city at sunset.

Married at First Sight: Shawniece Jackson - Jephte Pierre

Jephte Loves His Birthday Surprise

Married at First Sight star Jephte feels nervous when he’s up high, but he really liked his gift. He told Shawniece that he had some worries and he only started flying in planes six years ago. But she told him it was a clear day and that everything would be okay.

They flew over some gorgeous mansions, and Jephte from Married at First Sight joked that he saw their house beneath them. Shawniece Jackson laughed and said, “That is not our house” because it was huge. She teased Jephte Pierre because he asked why the houses and lighthouse looked so small.

Jephte said that if he had to age to enjoy more times like this with Married at First Sight wife Shawniece that it wouldn’t be that bad. He was very thankful for his gift, and fans of MAFS said it was a really cute thing to see them do.

Married at First Sight: Shawniece Jackson - Jephte Pierre

Married at First Sight: Shawniece Looking Forward to More Great Times

Shawniece and Jephte had some rough spots in the past. But it seems like they are doing much better than they were before. They communicate much better and try to keep their cool instead of hurting each other.

Jephte Pierre said it meant a lot to him that Shawniece cares about his heritage. Recently they celebrated carnival and ate Hattian food which they both seemed to enjoy. Fans of Married at First Sight said that this couple was one of the surprise couples that made it through because of their drama on the show.

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