‘Married At First Sight’ Exclusive: Poppy Says Horrors behind the Scenes Almost Drove Her to Suicide

Married at First Sight might seem like a fun experiment, but Poppy Jennings says there was a nightmare going on behind the scenes. Now, Poppy is telling Soap Dirt about misleading footage, outright lies, and being silenced by the production company. Here’s the inside scoop on a horror story that took her to very dark places.

Married at First Sight: Poppy Jennings Speaks Out – A Story of Terror

Poppy Jennings from Married at First Sight: Australia is one of the first ladies we meet on MAFS. We see her in the promo sharing about her ex-husband and his unfortunate “accident”. Fans of the show fell in love with her humor right away. But that is where the love story stopped.

Soon, the MAFS camera crew shows Poppy freaking out. She’s repeatedly talking about her kids and how she doesn’t want to be away from them. Of course, she missed her kids, but what else was going on? Poppy told Soap Dirt there was more than what viewers saw on Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight: Australia Poppy Jennings

The Matchmakers Get It Wrong

Poppy Jennings said on Married at First Sight that one of the most important things in a relationship to her is loyalty. She already experienced her ex-husband cheating on her. Poppy was looking for a father figure for her young twin boys and wasn’t on the show to play. She was hopeful and soon found out the matchmakers dashed her hopes and dreams.

She came to find out that her match Luke Eglin cheated in his past relationships. Viewers didn’t get to see that on Married at First Sight Australia that airs on Lifetime at 10:05 pm. What MAFS viewers do see looks like an unreasonable and cold Poppy. But even if she could get by his past—that wasn’t the worst of it.

Married at First Sight: Poppy Jennings

Married at First Sight: Australia – “I Woke Up With His Hands Down My Pants”

Besides the fact that Luke Eglin cheated on his exes in the past, there were other factors that made them incompatible. Luke from Married at First Sight is a fly in fly out worker. A FIFO worker is often gone for weeks and only comes back home for a short time. Poppy was looking for someone that was going to be around when she decided to go to MAFS Australia.

Poppy spoke with us and said no one else would tell what really happened. She says she was terrified the entire time because of the contract she was under. She didn’t want to get in trouble, so she dealt with the online trolls. Some of the trolls even mentioned harming her children. But little did they know, Poppy of Married at First Sight AUS says the reason she left the show is because she woke up with Luke’s hands down her pants.

MAFS: Poppy Jennings

MAFS Production Said It Wasn’t Really That Big of a Deal?

Poppy Jennings shared with us that the people from Married at First Sight kept telling her that it wasn’t a big deal. She said once she heard it so many times she started thinking that it might not have been such a big deal—but it was. She said if it were one of Luke’s daughters, he would think it is a big deal.

Throughout this hard time, Poppy said she thought about committing suicide. She went through extreme bullying online. Her friends had to manage and filter her social media comments and remove terrible comments from the keyboard warriors. She said she isn’t the only one that had a hard time because of the show. But, Poppy is the only one that is willing to speak out.

Poppy Jennings

Married At First Sight: Poppy Jennings Job Blocked – Will The Nightmare Begin Again Now That It’s Airing in America?

Not only was it enough to silence Poppy of Married at First Sight and keep her from talking on interviews. But Poppy says she wasn’t able to get a job because of blocking from the production company. She just wants to get life back to normal after this terrible experience.

Married at First Sight: Australia has been on for 7 seasons, but has never aired in America. Now with most television production coming to a halt, the networks need fresh content. So, Lifetime will air the season 7 of the Australian version of MAFS.

A source from the American Married at First Sight production, told Soap Dirt that the two shows are ran very differently. We have talked to the experts for the American show, and they take their responsibility very seriously. Of course they are not perfect, but they truly try to make good matches. This doesn’t seem to be the case for the Australian version of MAFS.

Now, the  the cast from Married at First Sight: Australia found out that the show has been sold and is now airing in America.  Many of them are scared that the horrors will begin again and possibly on a larger scale.

Poppy Jennings shared her story with Soap Dirt and hopes people share her part of the story, so everyone knows she is not the bad guy.

Hopefully, she will get out ahead of things so she doesn’t experience a second round of intense bullying online from people that don’t know the truth.

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