‘Married at First Sight’ News: MAFS Struggle to Cast New Season?

Married at First Sight‘s new Boston season seems to be having some difficulty finding cast members. And it seems like they are going to some interesting measures to find people to fill season 14.

Married at First Sight: 2nd Season of Boston In Trouble?

Season 6 of the Lifetime show taped in Boston, and MAFS is ready to go back for another season. It’s not uncommon for the producers to ask people to refer their friends. But it seems like they’re taking a different approach for this season.

Married at First Sight producers are spreading the word and saying the show has a “proven track record” of helping singles find “the one.” They go on to say that they help people find everlasting love. Since there is only one couple from their last go at Boston, people aren’t sure how receptive everyone is.

Production said that previous Boston cast members would be glad to talk on-camera or off-camera about their experience. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson were experts on the last Boston season. And Married at First Sight viewers wonder how people feel about the one out of three couples working and using the same experts.

Married at First Sight: Dr Pepper Schwartz - Pastor Calvin Roberson

Contacting Government Officials

One of the things viewers of Married at First Sight find to be a little strange is that producers contacted government officials. They said they wanted to reach out for help to see if they knew anyone that would have an interest. But some viewers think they might be trying to get around taping requirements due to COVID-19 and trying to make friends.

After the start of season 12, many fans of Married at First Sight wonder if they’re having difficulty finding people to sign the contract. Paige Banks and her match with Chris Williams turned a lot of stomachs. And many people don’t want to have any part in the casting if they’d get stuck with someone like sChris.

Pastor Cal Roberson of Married at First Sight said there is still much information people haven’t seen yet. And that Paige did get an out to leave her husband, Chris Williams. SD reported that Paige Banks and Chris taped separately, and that may be the reason they did so.

Married at First Sight: Viviana Coles - Pepper Schwartz - Calvin Roberson

Married at First Sight: Rounding Up a Great Cast

Production company Kinetic Content does all the work putting the people in place. And then the experts do the matching to find their perfect person. Fans of Married at First Sight say they do love many of the couples that do make it.

Married at First Sight cast has had some unique situations with casting. Some people hadn’t even watched an episode of the show when they said they’d be on the show. And some viewers think a few of the spouses have signed up to get fame from going on television.

Fans hope the 14th season turns out well and said it would be interesting to see who turns up to find love.

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