‘Married at First Sight’: Season 13 of MAFS Taping Underway?

Married at First Sight‘s 13th season began taping, and Lifetime fans hope it isn’t as much of a mess as the current season. Hopeful couples in Houston have already taped their weddings, and it’s likely they are on their honeymoon right now.

Married at First Sight: Weddings Completed

Couples from season 13 in Houston are now officially Married at First Sight husbands and wives. Their weddings took place Feb 19th – 21st, according to MAFS fan. After the terrible power outages and other problems happening in Texas, fans had wondered if they would be able to pull it off.

Viewers said they hope the experts learn their lesson and stay away from Vegas for the honeymoons, but that information isn’t out yet. With limited places to go for a fun getaway, viewers hope they won’t have to watch a repeat. Some fans of Married at First Sight suggested the Florida Keys.

It might be too late for this batch of Married at First Sight newlyweds. But they are casting the next season already, so they hope production will get take the hint. Whatever the case, fans said this season would have to be happier than what we’re watching right now.

Married at First Sight: Viviana Coles - Pepper Schwartz - Calvin Roberson

MAFS: Have the Experts Lost Their Touch?

After seeing some of the matches out of recent Married at First Sight seasons, fans started questioning the experts. Chris Williams and Paige Banks are the biggest red flag couple yet. But others also pointed out that Jacob Harder and Haley Harris don’t seem like the best match.

After all of the backlash, Dr. Pepper Schwartz made negative comments about Chris. But Chris had some words of his own to say about Dr. Pepper, saying that she should retire. In fact, he said that her divorce rate was worse than the national average of 50%.

Viewers of Married at First Sight said Chris Williams shouldn’t raise his head up right now. And some people even say that he made the worst husbands look like saints after his latest actions. Despite this, Chris still maintains that he’s a good guy.

Married at First Sight: Pastor Cal Roberson

Married at First Sight: Making Magic Happen

Even though there are a lot of couples that don’t make it, fans of Married at First Sight love the ones that do. Couples from the last season are especially popular matches. And they seem to love the spotlight.

The dynamic of Woody Randall and Miles Williams coming on the show as friends got a lot of attention. And many people said they should do that more often. Some people say it makes it a lot easier for the people coming into the arena of Married at First Sight to have a friend along.

Even though not everyone is a fan of the expert’s work, there are still plenty that are. And the seasons of MAFS continue coming because of their great popularity.

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