‘Married at First Sight’: Luke Cuccurullo’s New Girlfriend – See Pic

Married at First Sight‘s Luke Cuccurullo (Kate Sisk’s ex-husband) has a new stunning girlfriend. Luke and Kate were one of the worst matches in the Lifetime show’s history. And, it looks like Luke found someone new without expert help.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo Shows Off New Girlfriend

Luke Cuccurullo took a selfie with his new gal and the Married at First Sight star and his girlfriend are all smiles. And, that’s not the only thing they have in common. They have the same haircut and bleached color. And, Luke used the hashtag “twinning”.

Meanwhile, when Luke Cuccurullo didn’t reveal his relationship status right away. Reality personalities often post pics with the opposite gender for attention. But, that doesn’t always mean they’re an item. However, Luke did later confirm that this is his girlfriend.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo

MAFS: Luke One of the Biggest Lifetime Villains

Luke Cuccurullo had the villain label attached to him after the way everything went down with Kate Sisk on their season of the show in Philadelphia. And, because he is one of the most notorious villains the show has ever had, he’s done a lot recently to shed that image. And, finding a new love interest is certainly another way to step out from under the Married at First Sight shadow.

Most Married at First Sight watchers will never forget his “dead inside” comments when he talked about being intimate with Kate Sisk. Meanwhile, there were a lot of gaslighting claims when it came to his behavior on camera. Still, some people like fellow cast member Amber Bowles give Luke another chance. The pair are pals and often hang out together. And, based on this new relationship, it’s clear he’s not all bad.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo

What’s Next for Kate Sisk’s Former Husband?

Since filming his season of Married at First Sight in Philadelphia, Luke Cuccurullo cut and dyed his hair. And, he even shaved his trademark beard. At the time, many viewers saw this as a way for him to start fresh. And, it certainly looks like he did that. Along with changing up his image, he quit his job and traveled around the country for some time. And, it looks like that time away did him good.

Luke Cuccurullo seems to be in a much better place now. Moreover, he said himself that he is “happy” in his current situation. Viewers called out the Married at First Sight experts all season for matching Kate and Luke – especially when things went south. But, it’s clear he found someone all on his own without the experts. Either way, a lot of viewers are happy for him. And, they congratulated him on this new relationship.

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