‘Married at First Sight’: Karen Landry’s Fuzzy Outfits Warms up Fans

Married at First Sight‘s Karen Landry isn’t getting as bad of a wrap now that she’s off MAFS. But there were still quite a few people that think she is rigid and not the right match for Miles Williams. But a fuzzy new outfit made fans warm up to her.

Married at First Sight: Karen Landry Tells Off Haters

During the taping of Married at First Sight, there wasn’t very much Karen Landry could say to defend herself. Throughout the show, she didn’t say anything to go against people that said Miles should find another woman. In fact, some women even said they should be his match instead.

Once the Married at First Sight reunion was over, Karen Landry came out with claws. One Lifetime viewer tore into Karen in a public forum, and before she knew it, Karen came back at her and told her off. It seems like Karen Landry has a little bit more fight in her than people thought.

Recently Karen Landry said fans surprised her with their support. It seems like people chilled out now that she came out and showed she cared for Miles. And when she told the ladies to back off her man.

Married at First Sight: Karen Landry

Karen Shows Her Fun Side

Viewers of Married at First Sight thought Miles Williams was more fun than Karen. In fact, some people thought Karen Landry was too serious for Miles. In the show, it seemed like he was goofier and more playful and that she didn’t like it.

Now that we know more about Karen and her relationship with Miles, it’s obvious that they have fun together. Many Married at First Sight loyal fans say they are glad to see Karen coming out of her shell. One of the ways she showed her fun side recently was by wearing a fuzzy bear outfit to breakfast.

Miles and her went with Woody Randall and Amani Randall to Colorado. They celebrated Woody’s birthday, and she had a good time doing it in her fuzzy suit. Fans of Married at First Sight said they didn’t see this coming from Karen.

Married at First Sight: Karen Landry

Married at First Sight: The Williams Family Is Strong

Many people know that Miles Williams almost walked away from Karen Landry on Decision Day. In fact, he said that he had it in his mind to say no until he got to the couch. But it looks like everything worked out for the Married at First Sight couple.

Now the couple is goofing off and having fun all of the time. And they say they spend about every other day with their good friends Woody and Amani. Since the couple lives a couple of doors down from their friends, it makes sense that they hang out a lot.

Viewers say they notice a change in Karen, and they are leaning her way. However, there are still quite a few women holding out hope for single Miles.

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