‘Married at First Sight’: Jess & Jon’s Surprise MAFS Double Date

Married at First Sight former expert, Jessica Griffin, and alum boyfriend Jon Francetic recently went on a surprise double date with another MAFS couple.

Married at First Sight: Jon & Jessica Griffin Vacation in Florida

Jess and Married at First Sight fiancé Jon Francetic recently took a trip to Key West in Florida. And the couple said they had a blast. Dr. Jessica Griffin apologized to her followers for not posting a lot lately. And joked that she’d found a new job as a bartender in Florida. Jess said that the pair spent some time enjoying themselves and taking a break from the real world.

Jessica told her Married at First Sight fans that she didn’t really quit her job. But that she wouldn’t mind being a “professional sunset watcher.” Jess showed herself staring off into the sun. And smiling along side Jon Francetic. Jessica also posted pictures of the two wearing Easter masks on Sunday. And another MAFS alum, AJ Vollmoeller commented on the post. Jess said that she would see him later for a double date.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Griffin - Jon Francetic

MAFS: Jess & Jon Francetic’s Surprise Double Date

While Dr. Jessica Griffin wasn’t an expert during AJ and Steph’s Married at First Sight season, they all still shared a bond through participating in the show.  And Jess said that during their vacation, they met up with the show’s successful couple. Jon Francetic and Jess went on a double date with AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen. And the four spent a good amount of time together.

Jessica told Married at First Sight viewers that the couples went scuba diving and dancing together. And also said that the visit with Steph and her husband was one of the highlights of their trip. She said that they all had so much fun catching up with each other. She also said there were a lot of “rooster situations” in her post. And in a response to AJ, asked why they only had pictures of her with roosters. At the end, Jess Griffin thanked the couple for all the fun.

Married at First Sight: AJ Vollmoeller - Stephanie Sersen - Jon Francetic

Married at First Sight: Scuba Diving in a Sunken Ship

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller met on season ten of Married at First Sight. And the pair said they’re still happily married. Steph said that she loved taking AJ on adventures. And that the two spend a lot of time traveling and doing activities together. AJ said that he really enjoyed scuba diving. So the duo spent a lot of time in the water. And he said they had a blast diving with Jon Francetic and Jessica Griffin.

Recently, AJ Vollmoeller also posted pictures and videos of the Married at First Sight pair scuba diving in a sunken ship. The couple got to explore the inside and outside of the USS Vandenberg. And said that he was terrified of going in at first. He even shared a video to prove it. But he said that once he actually went inside, it was amazing. AJ said that he and Stephanie Sersen had an amazing time. And that it was just one of their many adventures together.

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