Married at First Sight: Isabella McKenzie Throws Fit, Slams Door in Tyler’s Face on Honeymoon Island

The Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island drama continues for Isabella McKenzie and Tyler Moody. Issues have bubbled beneath the surface since last week. This week, it all comes to a head as Isabella loses it. She blows up at Tyler over a fun couples game. It’s her way or the highway. If she doesn’t budge, both of them could be sent packing.

Isabella McKenzie blows up at Tyler Moody

Without mincing words, Isabella McKenzie comes across as a spoiled brat on Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island. Up to this point, Tyler and Isabella have been enjoying the honeymoon phase of their relationship. They had the most chemistry at the start of this MAFS season. Based on what happened this week, Dr. Jessica Griffin hit the nail on the head. She warned the couple that they didn’t want to end up a hot pan on a cold stove. Now, the only thing that’s burning is Isabella’s anger toward Tyler Moody.

During the couples activity, each pair take a turn being blindfolded. While blindfolded, they rely on their partner to communicate directions on Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island. Isabella and Tyler come in third among the five couples. What should have been a fun group activity turns sour real quick for Isabella McKenzie. She doesn’t like that they come in third, and blames Tyler for not listening to her.

Things go from bad to worse on Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island

Things only go downhill from here on MAFS: Honeymoon Island. Isabella argues with Tyler and says in so many words that it’s on him to agree with everything she says. She has no room for anything less. Tyler Moody asks why she’s blowing things out of proportion over a simple activity. In response to this, she accuses him of acting like a child and storms off. Meanwhile, Tyler is left stunned as he begins to second-guess himself and the partner he chose.

Every couple fights at some point or another on Married at First Sight. That said, Isabella McKenzie’s issues go far deeper than that. Whether it’s not picking up a loofah or not listening to her satisfaction, it’s all over if she doesn’t get her way. In this instance, she is so upset that she slams the door of their honeymoon suite in Tyler’s face and he’s left knocking outside – as confused as he was when all this began.

Is this the end for Tyler and Isabella on MAFS: Honeymoon Island?

While it’s unclear if this is the end of the Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island journey for Isabella and Tyler, things don’t look good. Tyler Moody can do little more than throw his hands up in confusion. Things really take a turn. While there were signs in previous episodes, Tyler has been blind to them. This week is a rude awakening for him. If there’s anything positive to be gained from this, it’s that maybe he’s waking up to how things really are. This is a complete and utter reality check for Tyler Moody. Maybe it will save him from making an even bigger mistake down the line.

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