‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Rodriguez’s ‘Crazy’ New Life After Divorcing Christina

Married at First Sight‘s Henry Rodriguez is breaking out of his normal after his experience on MAFS marrying Christina. In fact, castmate Woody Randall said that his buddy “Hendawg” is the life of the party when the cameras are off.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez’s Disasterous Marriage to Christina

Henry Rodriguez had some choice words to say about his ex-wife Christina. As a matter of fact, he said he would rather walk over glass in his bare feet for miles than go through that again. It sounds like this Married at First Sight husband didn’t enjoy his experience.

Married at First Sight wife, Christina said she wished this would be over. And that all she wanted was to put this experience behind her. But it seems like Henry Rodriguez is anything but ready to put things behind him.

Lifetime’s Henry called Christina out for her dishonest ways and brought up her 5-year relationship with a married man. Christina didn’t deny any of it but sat there and cried in front of the MAFS cast. But no one went to comfort her, so it doesn’t seem like she has any allies in the group.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez

Henry Says His Life Is ‘Crazy’

Married at First Sight hubby, Henry admits he used to be afraid of everything. In fact, he said he was afraid of mud, trampolines, and many other things—which alludes to his honeymoon experience in Mexico with Christina. But Henry Rodriguez says he’s found his courage and he’s doing things he never did before.

Some of the things Henry Rodriguez does now are things like hiking and climbing mountains. And hanging out with friends without worrying about everything. His friend, Kristin Bentley, said he would soon need a new passport with his new lease on life.

It looks like Henry had a good time when he was at the Married at First Sight reunion. Henry took some time off and hung out in Malibu to check out some awesome views. Viewers cheered him on and said they were glad he wasn’t with Christina anymore.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Woody Randall - Miles Williams

Married at First Sight: Moving On with Life

It looks like Henry Rodriguez doesn’t miss Christina at all. SD reported she moved to Mexico, and on the reunion episode, she told people about her move. But at the point of the reunion episode, she still looked the same.

SD told viewers that Christina has since undergone major changes. It looks like she had some cosmetic procedures done on her face as well as her teeth. Married at First Sight fans said she looks amazing and that she is hard to recognize.

Whatever the case, the Married at First Sight celeb is taking some time away from the public. As a matter of fact, Christina said she needs time to work on her mental health. So, it seems like Christina came out as the villain in the Henry and Christina storyline.

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