‘Married at First Sight’: Dave’s Wife Amber Becomes Brunette – Is Hair Change To Save Marriage?

Married at First Sight’s Amber Martorana knows Dave Flaherty, her husband, prefers brunettes to blondes. They had a talk about how he felt like she should stop dying her hair due to the fact it’s falling out from doing it so much. Amber wants to be a blonde and got really upset at the idea of anything else. Although Dave has a preference for darker hair, he told her he doesn’t care what color her hair is, he just wants her to be healthy.

Amber later, in the same episode twisted his words. She told the other wives Dave wants her to change hair color because he prefer brunettes.

Since the show stopped filming, pictures of Amber as a brunette have been cropping up on the internet. Did she change for Dave Flaherty or because of health reasons?

Did Amber Martorana change her hair color for husband Dave Flaherty?

The fans are really wondering why Amber Martorana changed into a brunette. If she thinks Dave would like her better as a brunette, it could have all been to impress her husband. She might have also realized that her hair is falling out because she keeps dying it. For health reasons, it is better for her to not bleach it as much as she does.

The picture that shows Amber with darker hair came from a MAFS get together that Mia, her sister, and Amber, among others, attended. For some reason, Amber’s sister has deleted her social networks since then. Amber’s Instagram is set to private right now.

Dave realizes that he shouldn’t have been so honest with his wife about the kind of girl he likes. It is obvious that he is attracted to her, but he admitted that she isn’t his type. On Married at First Sight: Unfiltered with Jamie Otis she asked him why he would even tell Amber his type if it wasn’t exactly her. He said his celebrity crush was Jessica Biel, but she doesn’t look like her at all. Dave explained saying, “I sort of thought this was all going to come out eventually anyways. None of this is a secret, right? So I would rather just be honest.” Now, Dave realizes he shouldn’t have been so honest.

Amber Martorana had brunette hair on her audition tape

Amber turned in an audition that didn’t show blonde hair according to Dr. Jessica Griffin. She said they take what people want physically very important. The pictures that she sent in and that they picked her from showed her with darker brown hair.

It turns out her blonde hair is all new. Dave says that the hair color obviously wasn’t a “dealbreaker” for him. He made it very clear she’s making it a bigger deal than he thinks it should be.

Regardless, Amber Martorana made the choice to change the color of her hair. No word yet on if Dave Flaherty likes it better now or not. Dave has been surprised that she didn’t think he was attracted to her because he says that isn’t the case.

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