‘Married at First Sight’: Amber and Dave – Where Are They Now?

Married at First Sight pair Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty hit numerous roadblocks during their time on the show. Amber’s insecurities started to wear on Dave very quickly. And, even with the guidance of the experts and attempts on their part to salvage their marriage, things didn’t pan out. They filed for divorce and went their separate ways. But, where are they now?

Married at First Sight: Insecure Amber Martorana’s Self-Doubts Tears Them Apart

One early point of contention for this Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana on Married at First Sight was Amber’s self-doubt. She looked for reassurance from her husband often. Dave Flaherty told her he is attracted to her. But, doubts started to creep in and sabotage their marriage. Amber dyed even her hair brown because she believed Dave liked brunettes better.

Amber Martorana told Dave that dyeing her hair was destroying it, and he suggested that she might want to stop dying it for health reasons. So, Amber became irrational and upset with her husband.

Meanwhile, Amber threw a fit when she believed Dave was hitting on a friend of hers – who just so happened to be a brunette. Amber Martorana’s self-esteem issues wore on Dave Flaherty as the Married at First Sight season progressed. And, it looked like Dave and wife Amber were headed for a divorce come Decision Day. Even Dr Jessica Griffin worried that Amber Martorana’s lack of self-confidence could sabotage the relationship.

MAFS: Rough Patches for Dave Flaherty and His Wife

In addition to Amber Martorana’s insecurities, the Married at First Sight couple dealt with communication issues as well. And, despite Dave Flaherty reassuring his wife, she didn’t believe him when he told her she didn’t need to dye her hair to be attractive in his eyes. Any time Dave gave her a compliment, she turned it around and often took it as a criticism. Amber especially didn’t like when he rated her a 7.5. She was hurt by this and things didn’t look good in terms of their future together.

In addition, Amber Martorana had a way of escalating everything. Even small things would turn into huge fights for the pair. And, this was another thing that weighed on Dave Flaherty. Amber had a meltdown when she couldn’t find a pair of socks. And, Dave saw it as a minor issue. But, it eventually progressed into a huge ordeal. Interestingly, Dave Flaherty revealed later that there were things he could have done differently. But, the writing was on the wall in the eyes of many Married at First Sight watchers when it came to this duo.

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Married At First Sight: Amber Martorana & Dave Flaherty – Where Are They Now?

Amber Martorana filed for divorce from Dave Flaherty in December 2018. And, she doesn’t seem to have let that slow her down. She updated her Instagram back in April of this year with a mystery man by her side – along with some of her girlfriends. Amber said she was in her “happy place” and many Married at First Sight viewers believed she moved on with someone new. She didn’t reveal the man’s identity at the time. But, she hasn’t posted any updates since then. So, it’s possible that if she did move on, they may have decided to call it quits.

As for Dave Flaherty, it doesn’t look like he found Amber Martorana’s replacement. He seems to be keeping busy with work and family. And, many Married at First Sight fans hope he finds his happily ever after eventually. He posted a message to his former wife soon after their split. And, even though they experienced hardship in front of the cameras, he is thankful for the experience and wished her nothing but the best.

Married at First Sight is a big risk. And, sometimes it doesn’t work in the end. That’s definitely something new cast members may want to keep in mind as they progress on their MAFS journey. Even though things didn’t work out in the end and Dave revealed that he and Amber were not a good match, it’s possible to come out of the experience a better person in the end.

All-new episodes of Married at First Sight come to Lifetime in January.

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