‘Married at First Sight’: Clara Explains Wedding Melt Down – It’s About the Shoes

Married at First Sight‘s Clara Fergus wasn’t proud of her bride meltdown. Despite that, she did say that she thought she deserved to have the meltdown and that every bride is under a lot of pressure.

Married at First Sight: Clara Fergus Has a List of Woes

Clara Fergus of MAFS did have some shame about her early actions in the Lifetime show. She didn’t like how she came off, but she also said that she had her reasons for acting “crazy.” In fact, Clara said it was mainly about the shoes.

Married at First Sight star Clara Fergus says she decorated some Nike sneakers for her wedding dress. She spent lots time fixing them, but when it came to the wedding day, she couldn’t wear them. The people taking care of her dress hemmed it too high, and she thought it would look ridiculous coming down the wedding aisle in a shorter dress with sneakers.

Clara Fergus had to find some other shoes that would work. But she wasn’t happy about it and had her bridesmaids find her shoes at the reception. Clara also went on to tell her new husband Ryan that her hair wasn’t right and she had on way too much makeup.

Married at First Sight: Clara

Clara Fergus Pulls Herself Together

Married at First Sight wife Clara said some her exes might describe her as crazy. But she said that someone dear to her told her that crazy just means that you care. The other wives on the show didn’t seem to agree with that and kept quiet.

Clara Fergus said she shed many tears that day because of nerves. When she was about to walk down the aisle, she had to put on a blindfold because of a special thing her new fiance wanted to do. And Married at First Sight viewers think that might have added to the stress.

Whatever the case, Clara from Married at First Sight pulled herself together and managed to pull off some lovely vows. Her new hubby said one thing she said in her vows was on his wish-list for a wife. For instance, she said they should call each other on their crap.

Married at First Sight Atlanta: Ryan - Clara

Married at First Sight: Will More Meltdowns Happen Soon?

Married at First Sight watchers now worry that this was just the first meltdown of many. And while the show is painting Virginia as the party girl, viewers think Clara Fergus has some of that in her as well. One of the biggest clues was the jello shots in her fridge on her home visit.

Ryan looked a little worried when she started complaining about a shoe issue. And some Married at First Sight fans wonder if he and Clara will mesh. Her father had some beautiful things to say about her, but many still have concerns about the future.

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