‘Married at First Sight’: Clara Fergus Confused about Love? – Fans Say Yes

Married at First Sight‘s Clara Fergus has some confusion about how love works, according to fans. When the soon-to-be bride said that her ex-boyfriends describe her as “absolutely nuts,” they started to worry. And when she said, “Crazy means you care,” they were even more concerned.

Married at First Sight: Clara Fergus Says Crazy Means You Care

Clara from Married at First Sight said she hadn’t had much luck dating lately. She told some very strange stories to the Lifetime experts, and fans felt bad for her. One of the men she dated wanted to pay her to let him go out with her friend.

Fans of Married at First Sight said it sounded like she had a rough time. But after her comment about crazy meaning you care, they think there might be more to it. In fact, the majority of fans do not agree with that statement.

MAFS star Clara Fergus said that someone close to her shared this wisdom with her. Experts matched Clara with Ryan Oubre, so it seems like they think he will be okay with some crazy. And viewers still aren’t quite sure the experts got this match right.

Married at First Sight: Atlanta: Ryan Oubre - Clara Fergus

MAFS: Clara Fergus & Ryan Oubre – The Perfect Couple?

Married at First Sight wife Clara Fergus said she has a lot of things she wants out of a man. One of those things is that she doesn’t want them to smoke or do any of the related things like vaping. She did say she was fine with CBD and something “other things.”

It seems like Clara from Married at First Sight put all of her requirements out there. And fans hope the experts paid attention to what she said she needed. This is especially true since Clara Fergus claimed her other relationships went south due to not saying what she wanted.

Married at First Sight fans have hope for this couple because of their mutual need to be “called on their crap,” according to themselves. And the way they looked happy to see each other when the blindfolds came off. It seems like they both really want to be in a marriage, and that is a major part of success.

Married at First Sight Atlanta: Ryan - Clara

Married at First Sight: Getting What They Need Out of the Relationship

With Clara’s history, it is iffy whether Ryan and her will make it. Some of the stories she told sounded near impossible because they were so horrible. For instance, the story about the guy that showed up drunk to their date.

Clara Fergus of Married at First Sight said she doesn’t want to date casually anymore. And doesn’t want to deal with any more of the losers she kept coming across. She also said she cut herself off from her ex-boyfriend that wanted to hookup again.

Ryan has never said he loves someone, but Clara said she falls in love easily. It’s a little hard to tell if the “I love you” issue might become a problem, but fans hope it won’t. And that both Ryan and Clara will figure out what love really means to them.

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