‘Married at First Sight’: Christina Dating In Mexico?

Married at First Sight‘s Christina said that it was difficult to deal with life after MAFS. In fact, she said she had to take some time off because people were so nasty after her failed relationship with Henry Rodriguez.

Married at First Sight: Christina & Henry Rodriguez’s Relationship Flop

During the Lifetime show Married at First Sight celeb Christina quickly became the villain. Her sassy attitude and lack of patience didn’t go over well with Henry Rodriguez. Later she said that she wasn’t taking her medication, and that’s why she was acting strangely.

Christina of the television series Married at First Sight even tried to lie about her husband. And Henry quickly called her out about what she said when they were on the reunion show. Fans wondered why they continued to stay together and didn’t just break up like Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey.

Married at First Sight star Christina said that Henry’s lack of confidence was a turn-off. And she also learned that Henry said her problems with patience was a deal-breaker. It seems like the couple didn’t have a chance and now many wonder if Christina from MAFS is dating.

Married at First Sight: Christina

MAFS: Christina Moves to Mexico—To Date?

After leaving Married at First Sight celebrity Christina decided living in New Orleans wasn’t on her goal list. In fact, she just got out of a bad breakup with a married man. She was with him for five years, but it looks like that is over now.

Christina moved to Mexico not long after the airing of the show. And fans also noticed she lost a lot of weight, and many didn’t even recognize her. Some even thought that she got a nose job, chin job, and possibly some other work.

Viewers saw Christina with an arm around her shoulders. And some fans thought this might be a new boyfriend. But whatever the case, it doesn’t seem like she’s ready to announce her new guy just yet.

Married at First Sight: Christina

Married at First Sight: Enjoying a Beautiful Life After Reality TV

Christina, from Married at First Sight, spends her time in Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta. This area is beautiful with resorts, sandy beaches, and gorgeous marinas. Christina said she is dealing with a difficult time still, but she maintains her happiness.

She also offered her friends and family to come to stay with her in Mexico. It looks like she’s got a pet while down in Mexico and has a dog to keep her company. Despite the demons Christina fights, she said she does her best to live a full and happy life.

Christina of Married at First Sight doesn’t plan on coming back to the U.S. And some fans wonder if she will meet up with Mindy Shiben from season 10, who is also living life in Mexico.

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