‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams Rages at Pastor – Wanted to Bail on MAFS

Married at First Sight husband Chris Williams had some more anger to let out recently. This time, the Lifetime star is raging against the pastor that officiated his marriage to Paige Banks on MAFS.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Says Pastor Is Two-Faced

Chris from Married at First Sight said the first person he called when he found out about the pregnancy was the pastor that did their marriage. He said they were friends first and foremost and that he was never his pastor. In fact, Chris’ pastor is from Chicago, Illinois.

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams said that the pastor and his wife had offered to help him and Mercedes Myrick get back together before the show. He also said the pastor told him not to believe Mercedes about the pregnancy. So, he said he wanted to find out if she was really pregnant.

Chris said he told his pastor he still loved Mercedes weeks before marrying Paige. But he was afraid of his legal commitment to MAFS. Chris Williams said the pastor told him, “It’s just the devil, and this is the process that God ordained.”

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Mercedes Myrick

Chris Spitting Mad

Married at First Sight Chris Williams said the man was one person on camera and another off-camera. Fans, however, loved him and thought that he had some really wise words. Chris, on the other hand, would not budge and continued to call him out.

Chris Williams said he told him two different things and did not tell him Paige was a diamond off camera. And now it seems like he and Mercedes aren’t together, but fans think they might be pretending.

Married at First Sight viewers said this marriage was the most terrible mess. Many viewers said they didn’t like the additional drama, and they felt bad for Paige Banks. Despite this, people think the person Chris should be mad at is himself.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

Married at First Sight: Trying to Get Their Lives Back

Chris Williams said he wants people to leave him alone about the Married at First Sight experience. Even so, he keeps getting out in the public eye, and fans think he likes the attention. He continues to talk about how well off he is and how much success he built.

Married at First Sight star Chris shared some sad news about the pregnancy. He said they lost the baby in October and that people should leave Mercedes Myrick alone about it. He went off on fans that asked him to prove they really had been pregnant.

Whatever the case, fans aren’t mad at Mercedes – they are mad at Chris. And it doesn’t look like he will win anyone to his side in future episodes.

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