‘Married at First Sight’: Brett Lindsey Leaks Marriage Status with Olivia

Married at First Sight‘s Brett Lindsey may have leaked his marriage status with Olivia. Their relationship is pretty rocky in the current episodes of the Lifetime show. And MAFS fans aren’t sure how they could turn things around.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey Hangs Out with Step Kitties

Recently, he shared a photo of himself holding his “step kitty.” And this leads fans to think that Olivia and Brett stay married on Decision Day. Rumor had it that Married at First Sight star Brett Lindsey, and his wife Olivia weren’t together anymore. But now, with this new photo, people are confused.

If Brett is sharing photos in real-time, that means that he and Olivia are still together. Fans find this difficult to believe because of his antics on the show. He is MAFS’s favorite villain for the season, right behind Christina.

Married at First Sight viewers wonder if his villain status is all an act. Is Brett secretly trying to get attention but is actually a sweetheart behind the scenes? It seems like this might be the way Olivia feels.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey

MAFS Followers Call Brett’s Photos Sweet

When Brett shared the photos of himself and Olivia’s cat, Serena, fans ate it up. They said that the photo was “very sweet.”

Not long ago, Brett put out a photo of a dog getting in the dishwasher. A Married at First Sight fan asked how the pup got along with Olivia’s cats. And he answered that he had just been petsitting for his brother.

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Smooth move trying to figure out if Olivia’s cats were in the house. But it turns out that Brett Lindsey decided to post his wife’s cats without any trickery. Viewers wonder if he’ll get in trouble with the network for letting the cat out of the bag.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Olivia

Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After for Olivia & Her Husband?

Now that this new information is out, fans wonder if Olivia went with Brett to the beach. Recently, he shared a shirtless photo of himself out in the water. Viewers of Married at First Sight wonder if Olivia took that photo.

If they are traveling together, that would be a positive sign for their marriage. Whatever the case, Brett Lindsey calls himself a reality TV martyr and a villain. It doesn’t seem like he thinks he deserves all the hate he gets from watchers of Married at First Sight.

After Decision Day, it’s likely he’ll come forward and tell his side of the story. But until then, he’s got an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that won’t allow him to make a peep.

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