‘Married at First Sight’: Amber and Mindy Demand Divorces along with Other Wives

Married at First Sight wives Amber Bowles and Mindy Shiben recently met up to demand divorces from their Lifetime husbands.

Even though pairs call it quits on Decision Day, it can take a long time for divorces to be official. And, a few fan-favorite wives got together to call out their grooms.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles Joined By Mindy Shiben & Others

Married at First Sight followers keeping up with divorce situations in real-time know Amber Bowles wants a divorce from former basketball player, Matt Gwynne. But, in the meantime, she organized a girls’ day out to commiserate with other MAFS ladies in the same boat.

Meanwhile, Amber Bowles isn’t the only Lifetime wife in a similar Married at First Sight divorce situation. Amber got together with Meka Jones, Iris Caldwell, and Mindy Shiben. And, even though Mindy and Meka are from more recent seasons, Amber and Iris are from MAFS season nine. So, they’ve definitely waited longer to get that divorce.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles - Mindy Shiben - Meka Jones - Iris Caldwell

MAFS: Update on Divorces

Up to this point, Amber claims Matt refuses to sign the divorce papers. But, even so, she wants to get an absolute divorce. This would dissolve her marriage even without his involvement. Amber Bowles shared snaps with the other Married at First Sight women. And, she used hashtags like “still married cuz our hubbies suck” and “get us divorced”.

When it comes to Iris Caldwell’s situation with Keith Manley, she also said recently that he hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. She said she didn’t know how long the process takes. But, she hoped it wouldn’t be long to make it official. Meanwhile, she promotes a dating app online bringing together Christian singles. So, it seems she’s already on the lookout for Keith’s replacement.

Mindy Shiben recently called out Married at First Sight hubby Zach Justice for not giving her the divorce she wants. She said there’s nothing but “crickets” on Zach Justice’s end when it comes to moving the process along. Meanwhile, Zach clapped back and told his estranged wife not to “lie” for attention. So, this situation may get ugly before there’s a resolution.

As for Meka Jones’ status with Michael Watson, Married at First Sight leaks during their season in Washington, DC showed Michael filed an annulment right after filming. An annulment makes it so the marriage never existed. But, in a lot of ways it’s similar to a divorce. Both parties are able to see other people and legally marry again. But, there may be a hold-up in the process for her as well.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles - Matt Gwynne

What’s Next for Married at First Sight Ladies?

Even though the Married at First Sight brides wait to officially put this part of their lives behind them, they each do their own thing despite not finding forever with their expert-chosen matches. Amber Bowles moved on with a new man. She is more than ready to put her past with Matt behind her. Moreover, Amber Bowles said recently that she definitely sees a future with her new guy. And, it’s something the pair talked about.

Meanwhile, Mindy Shiben said recently that she wants to travel more as soon as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Mindy called out Zach Justice and his motives recently as well. Mindy Shiben said Zach made no secret of wanting to promote his business. And, she questioned if that’s the whole reason he wanted to be on MAFS.

Like Amber, Mindy Shiben has a lot of Married at First Sight fans after everything she dealt with from Zach. And, most viewers want to see her do well in whatever she pursues next. Meanwhile, she keeps herself busy as a skating coach. And, that’s definitely one way to pass the time while waiting on that divorce.

In addition, it looks like Iris Caldwell hopes to find a man on the dating app she promotes. As for Meka Jones, she is very independent and knows what she wants. And, she may find that once she puts her past with Michael Watson behind her officially.

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