‘Married at First Sight’: Matt Gwynne Shades Amber Bowles Amid Divorce Drama?

Married at First Sight groom Matt Gwynne recently threw shade at wife Amber Bowles online. The pair are currently in the middle of a divorce situation in which Amber claims her Lifetime husband refuses to sign the divorce papers.

So, even though Matt and Amber called it quits on Decision Day, they’re technically still married.

Married at First Sight: Matt Gwynne Shades Amber Bowles?

Matt Gwynne recently answered yes or no questions for Married at First Sight fans. And, he threw Amber Bowles under the bus in the process. The former basketball player addressed whether or not he’d ever consider getting back together with his ex. And, it’s a definitive “no” from the MAFS star.

Amber Bowles and hubby Matt Gwynne were one of the most talked-about Married at First Sight couples on their season in Charlotte, North Carolina. They both love basketball. And, there genuinely seemed to be sparks early from the pair. But, as watchers saw on their season, things quickly turned for the duo.

Married at First Sight: Matt Gwynne

MAFS: Viewers Worry About Matt

Even though Matt Gwynne is considered the villain of his season by many Married at First Sight watchers, viewers have been concerned about his well-being in recent months. Amber did an update special a few months ago with host, Kevin Frazier. And, Matt joined, too.

Married at First Sight viewers commented at the time that Matt looked unwell. He looked a bit gaunt and downtrodden – a drastic difference when compared with how he looked while filming the Lifetime show. Some viewers even said he looked sick. So, there’s been a lot of worry lately where he is concerned.

But, based on the most recent updates, Matt definitely seems to look more like himself. So, that may be a good sign overall in terms of where he’s currently at. On top of that, he has a job with New York Life – a company specializing in life insurance and investments. So, his situation may not be as dire as Amber Bowles recently made it out to be.

Married at First Sight: Matt Gwynne - Amber Bowles

Married at First Sight: Amber Divorcing MAFS Husband?

A lot of the former Married at First Sight couple’s current drama has to do with their divorce situation. So, it’s not entirely surprising Matt would throw shade at his Lifetime match. Amber Bowles made some incendiary claims about him in recent months. So, whether he’s the villain in the situation or not, it makes sense for him to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder where she’s concerned.

Amber said that Matt is “homeless and jobless”. And, she insinuated that the reason he didn’t sign his divorce papers is because Matt did not want to have to pay for the notary fee. Amber doesn’t hold back in recent months. So, it’s not surprising that Matt Gwynne doesn’t ever want to get back with his Married at First Sight ex.

Meanwhile, Amber Bowles said in recent months that she wants to finalize her divorce in July – with or without his participation. This can happen through an absolute divorce, which dissolves a marriage with or without his signature. So, there may finally be closure on this Married at First Sight chapter for both of them.

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