‘Married at First Sight’: Amani and Woody Randall Still Living Together? – See Proof

Married at First Sight‘s Amani and Woody Randall are still living together? According to some new information, it looks like here is proof that Woody and his wife Amani are still living together.

Married at First Sight: Amani Wants to Jump the Broom

Married at First Sight cast member Amani said it was her idea to do the broom jump with MAFS match Woody Randall. Amani wanted to carry on the tradition and have this special thing at her wedding. Amani said that she wanted to be on MAFS because she didn’t want to pick someone. If her picking would have worked, she would have already found someone, according to Amani.

It seemed like Woody Randall was right on board with the tradition. He seemed to like doing it with Amani. Woody wasn’t hiding his excitement at all during the wedding.

Woody and Amani’s wedding was the most unique except for Bennett Kirschner’s and Amelia Fatsi’s wedding, which was almost a circus. But very fitting to them and their personalities.

Married at First Sight: Amani - Woody Randall

Woody Randall Says You Have to Flirt With Your Wife

As soon as Married at First Sight star, Woody Randall saw his wife, he started flirting. He was dancing at the altar and making eyes at her. At first, viewers of Married at First Sight were nervous that Amani wasn’t going to like it. Amani is a little quieter than Woody, but it seems like she got into it pretty fast.

Once the wedding was over and they had a few minutes to themselves, Amani called him out. She was being very coy and said, “You’re doing a lot of heavy flirting.” And Woody said that yes, he was and that’s what you’re supposed to do with your wife.

Amani from the reality TV hit Married at First Sight said that she didn’t mind it at all. Woody Randall said that is why he keeps doing it because he knows what she likes it. Amani really liked it when he said that they were going to have the Randall way, which was the way they do things—different from anyone else.

Married at First Sight: Amani

Married at First Sight: Designing the Perfect Home

Fans started to freak out when they saw Amani created a board with the Randall way in the hashtag. But that’s not the only thing that was a big sign that makes people think this Married at First Sight couple is together. The other big thing is that she pinned a tweet from the honeymoon of her and Woody.

If anyone broke up from their spouse, they wouldn’t be posting cute videos of them together from Married at First Sight. It looks like this is a pretty clear sign that the couple stays together, even beyond Decision Day.

Since this is one of the favorite couples on Married at First Sight, fans are freaking out with excitement. Keep up on the latest by watching Lifetime Wednesday nights at 8 pm.

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