‘Married at First Sight’: Amani Smith Announces ‘Dumping’ on Anniversary with Woody Randall

Married at First Sight‘s Amani Smith and Woody Randall married on February 15th of 2020. But fans wondered if everything was okay when Amani started talking about dumping and Woody.

Married at First Sight: Is Amani Smith Busy Dumping Woody Randall?

Amani Smith said she was dumping on her anniversary. After the shock, fans of Married at First Sight were very happy to see that she didn’t really dump Woody Randall. It was simply photos of their year-long love affair she wanted to “dump” (her words) and show off.  However, it gave fans a scare.

Married at First Sight wife Amani bragged about her relationship with Woody. She said that everyone has their reasons why they love them. She said it might be a superficial or knowledge-driven reason, but they were happy people love them.

Amani Smith said the way Woody Randall looks at her is what did it for her. She went on to say that her Married at First Sight husband still looks at her the same way. Amani Smith said that he not only looks at her like that, but he also follows up with the actions.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall - Amani Smith

Amani Still Madly in Love with Woody

Married at First Sight Amani Smith is still madly in love with her husband, Woody Randall. She wished him a happy Valentine’s Day and a happy first anniversary. Amani told Woody, “I love the sh*t out of you, boy.”

Lifetime MAFS fans said it was adorable to see how sweet the couple still acts even after a year. Many say the first year of a Married at First Sight marriage is the most difficult. Woody said the first year was great, and he hopes it continues that way.

Married at First Sight couple Amani Smith and Woody got a lot of love from other cast members as well. Their good friend, Karen Landry, sent a lot of love and congratulations. And Jamie Otis said, “I love me some Woody and Amani.”

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall - Amani Smith

Married at First Sight: A Beautiful First Year for MAFS Couple

Fans of Married at First Sight said they think Woody Randall and wife Amani Smith had a beautiful first year. In fact, many MAFS viewers said they thought Amani and husband Woody made the best match ever.

The Married at First Sight couple cook for each other on a regular basis. They still go out and have fun, but due to the pandemic, they stay in a lot more than they might otherwise. When they do go out, they make sure to wear a mask and stay safely away from other people.

Amani said that she hopes everyone is able to love themselves deeply. And that they love the people they choose to surround themselves with. Fans think that message might mean she had to cut some people out of her life for her mental health.

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