‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’ – Judge Lynn Toler Helps Couples Via Her Wild, Abusive Past

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition premieres with Judge Lynn Toler on WEtv on January 10. Even before its premiere, the show is being compared to an episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The couples featured on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition are some of the same ones who have been featured on other reality shows. And Judge Toler will judge all the drama.

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition Drama

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley showed up last in the introductory arrival scene as a mystery couple. Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera were introduced first. The couple is one of the few that are actually married, celebrating four years of marriage. Tammy spoke of the cheating on Flocka’s part that has caused her to throw bamboo sticks and lamps at him. “You gotta accept it as part of your life,” Flocka said. But Tammy doesn’t want to accept cheating and groupies as a part of her life on Marriage Boot Camp.

After Waka Flocka discussed the infidelities that have marred their marriage, up pulled Lil’ Mo in a luxury car. Mo’s credentials as “Songwriter of the Year” with five albums and 14 singles flashed on the screen. Her husband “Dynamite” Karl Dargan got out of the car, but his role as an afterthought and alleged cheater was immediately addressed. “Paid by Mo” read the license plate of the black Lambo. “So nobody has no right to get emotionally attached, physically attached,” Mo proclaims over her husband on Marriage Boot Camp.

Different drink names, Lil Fizz and Nia dating history?

Tiffany Campbell showed up “solo dolo.” Viewers might know her from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as the current girlfriend of Drew. “Lil Fizz” is Drew’s name as a B2K member. They broke up two months prior to the show.

Jessica Dime and her fiancee Shawne Williams pulled up with their “No Commit” license plate. They’ve been engaged in a long two-year commitment without a marriage ceremony. Williams said that Dime acted “ratchet hood” and with “ratched-ness in the wrong places.” He mentioned airport stores, Foot Locker, Petco, and other places. Shawne doesn’t want to walk down the aisle and make a permanent commitment. That is, until Jessica can get her “ratched-ness” under control.

When the couples entered the house, a bottle of Grey Goose was labeled “don’t grow up goose.” Lastly, Soulja Boy entered with Nia, who has been dating the rapper on and off for 10 years. There was “bitter bitch brandy” that Tammy eschewed as describing her persona. But the real drama may center around the suggestion that Fizz and Nia may have had some kind of thing in the past.

Many unmarried couples in Marriage Boot Camp

The Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition official trailer is approximately 12 minutes long. It gives a deep look beyond the supposed “lavish lifestyles of champagne, fancy cars and adoring fans.” Instead, it focuses on the adultery and lies that can accompany a musical lifestyle.

For 10 days, the couples will have their lives twisted and turned upside down during the boot camp. Scenes of arguments and violence appear in the Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition preview. But perhaps Judge Lynn Toler can provide a stable voice of reason to the group. Especially considering the violent childhood that Judge Toler survived.

Judge Lynn Toler is no stranger to drama

Judge Lynn Toler is well known for her Divorce Court judgements. Recently, she has been taping the show in Atlanta at Tyler Perry Studios. Yet it was Judge Toler’s appearance on Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM that got tongues wagging about her interesting background.

As seen in the above interview, Judge Toler spoke of a harrowing childhood. So, She described her mother protecting Lynn from a dad who was a brilliant man. But his mind tortured him. He demanded that the window shades be equidistant around the entire home. As a result of his madness, Lynn’s dad would call her mom incessentantly. One time he fired a weapon as Lynn’s mom sheltered her and her siblings in her arms. But they escaped unscathed. Now the judge can use her experiences to help the Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition crew.

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