‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Who’s Lyrica Anderson’s Baby Daddy – A1 or Safaree Samuels?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood featured Lyrica Anderson sharing the news of her pregnancy with her husband, A1. However, things didn’t go as planned when Ray J, Princess, A1, Lyrica, Brooke and Marcus gathered at an eatery. Ray J invited Safaree Samuels, who previously admitted to sex with Lyrica Anderson.

Who’s Lyrica Anderson’s Baby Daddy on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Lyrica Anderson wants happiness and peace. A1, meanwhile, is trying to keep his family in line. Controversy over her relationship with Safaree, the famous ex of Nicki Minaj, is at the center of the drama. Ray J was able to get him to admit that he “smashed” Lyrica. But Lyrica Anderson would only admit to flirty texting.

As Lyrica Anderson and A1 try to move forward in their marriage, the Safaree buzz keeps them stuck. Meanwhile, he is stacking up racks with a new sex toy, based on his viral video. The crew waited for her and A1 to show up in the eatery. Ray J was uncomfortable, knowing that Safaree was on the way as an unexpected guest.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood baby drama

Ray J said he couldn’t look A1 in the eyes, knowing what he knew about Safaree Samuels. With A1 having separated from Lyrica Anderson for weeks, folks were unclear about how she got pregnant by her husband. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” Safaree said at dinner. He didn’t want to admit the sex session.

“The homie Safaree told me that he had sex with Lyrica,” Ray J said. A1 sat stoically, fuming. Lyrica Anderson yelled, asking what was going on, after returning from the bathroom with Princess. The two pregnant ladies were together in unison, as Princess warned Lyrica to Safaree’s presence.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood “homie smash”

A1 flew over the table at the news that Lyrica could be pregnant by Safaree. Lyrica called it “fake news.” Ray J, meanwhile, told Safaree that he hopes her baby doesn’t look like Samuels.

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