‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Huge Update on June Shannon – Hits Major Milestone

Mama June: From Not to Hot celeb June Shannon just hit a major milestone and is in a great place. Lately, she’s making huge strides toward the life her family wants for her. Now, check out this amazing update on Mama June.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: June Shannon and Geno 6 Months Sober

Mama June: From Not to Hot fan-fave June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak are now just about 6 months clean and sober. No doubt, this is a huge step for both of them and Mama is absolutely ecstatic. Recently, she shared a video clip of a song about addiction that hits very close to home for her.

She says it’s how she felt almost every day while struggling with her addiction. Now, she says she is “so glad” they are almost at the 6-month mark. Surely, her loved ones and fans are beyond happy for her. No doubt, Mama is incredibly grateful for her fan-base and the good people in her life. So, the Mama June: From Not to Hot star stays very close to them.

Mama Thankful for Her Fans

Mama June: From Not to Hot fan-favorite June Shannon is extremely thankful for her loyal followers. These days she always reaches out to them and wants to connect through her many channels. Also, she is promoting the Banyan Treatment Center that helped her and Geno so much.

Now, she urges anyone battling an addiction to seek help. Of course, she doesn’t want anyone else going through what she went through. Also, she is supporting a local shop called Sunrise Surf Shop. There, she got a tumbler and phone case that say “Sober Life and Lovin’ It.” So, Mama of Mama June: From Not to Hot looks to be back on track nowadays.

Mama June: From Not To Hot - June Shannon

June Vows to Never do Drugs Again

Now, June Shannon from Mama June: From Not to Hot promises herself and everyone else she will “never” go back to drugs. Now, she vows to put those ways behind her for good. And, it seems Geno is on board as well. Clearly, they look like they are doing great and she seems very happy with her man. No doubt, drugs were a big part of the problems they went through in the past.

Now that they are clean, they seem to have a very healthy relationship and are going strong. Of course, it’s wonderful to see Mama doing so well. And, everyone hopes they both keep up the good work and get many years of sobriety under their belts. Keep up with June Shannon as she continues to thrive and take pride in herself.

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