‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Sugar Bear’s Mysterious Medical Condition He’s Keeping from Jennifer

Mama June: From Not to Hot star Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson has a major secret he doesn’t want Jennifer Thompson (his wife) to know about. And, when she finds out she’s sure to be livid he hid it from her on the WEtv reality show.

Mama June: From Not to Hot Update: Sugar Bear Thompson Keeping Huge Secret From Jennifer Lamb Thompson

On Mama June: From Not to Hot, Sugar Bear is keeping a whopper of a secret from wife Jennifer. Recently, he said he can’t eat, he can’t sleep and he feels like he’s in the middle of a medical crisis. Of course, he says he hates lying to Jennifer. But, he may need to get some answers from the doctor before he tells her what’s going on.

So, he heads to the doctor’s office soon to try and figure things out. Remember, Sugar Bear had several medical issues in the past. Perhaps, this latest scare has something to do with his past ailments. Whatever it is, he’s afraid to tell Jennifer so it must be serious.

Mama June: From Not To Hot - Jennifer Thompson - Mike (Sugar Bear) Thompson

Sugar Bear’s Scary Medical History

This isn’t the first time Sugar Bear of Mama June: From Not to Hot has had a medical scare. Years ago, he wound up in intensive care because he was in unbearable pain. Turns out, it was pancreatitis and pneumonia. Because he is diabetic this was life-threatening. Besides that, there was a chance he had neurological issues. But, the two were supposedly unrelated.

After that, he was in the hospital once again because of dizzy spells and fainting. The diagnosis was kept quiet but Mama June Shannon did say it wasn’t good. So, whatever has Sugar Bear worried right now may be related to his previous issues. Also, it might be about his diabetes. Back in the day, it had June terrified so he may be in real danger.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Mike (Sugar Bear) Thompson

He Wants To Protect Jennifer – Mama June: From Not to Hot

It seems likely Sugar Bear doesn’t want to worry Jennifer until it’s absolutely necessary. Clearly, he hates to keep such a big secret from her and it’s eating away at him. But, he probably thinks it’s for her own good. Hopefully, once the doctors can figure out what they’re dealing with he will clue Jennifer in. Then, they can handle it together.

Of course, she won’t be happy he kept her in the dark. But, she will support him however she can. Watch Mama June: From Not to Hot Friday nights at 9 pm on WEtv to see when Jennifer Thompson discovers the secret Sugar Bear Thompson is keeping from her.

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