‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Jennifer Drops Two People Worth of Weight & Shades June Shannon

Mama June: From Not to Hot is back with Jennifer Thompson front and center, thinner than ever but not too skinny to throw some shade at troubled June Shannon. Here’s the latest on Sugar Bear’s wife and his ex.

Mama June: From Not to Hot – Jennifer Lamb Thompson Skinnier Than Ever

Yes, Sugar Bear Thompson’s wife Jennifer Thompson continues to drop pounds. Last season, part of the storyline was her weight loss and showdown with June Shannon. However, her rival spiraled out of control and didn’t show up to the photo shoot. So, Jennifer won by default.

You can see Jennifer Thompson’s startling before and after photos below. But, she’s dropped even more weight since then. In all the Mama June: From Not to Hot cast member says she’s shed 260 pounds. That’s two people’s worth of poundage – it’s almost two Sugar Bear’s worth, it seems.

While Jennifer’s getting her act together, building healthy habits, and losing weight, June Shannon’s coming apart at the seams. And Jennifer Thompson has some things to say about her castmate from Mama June: From Not to Hot. There’s some advice – and a little bit of shade.

Mama June From Not To Hot: (Jennifer Thompson)

Jennifer Wants Rival to Dump Geno Doak – Get Her Act Together

This season of Mama June: From Not to Hot is called Family Crisis for a reason. In real life, June Shannon ran off with Geno Doak, got arrested, and was living at a casino. She’s sold her house, ditched Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo), and seems to be running amok.

Even now, while insisting she’s fine, June’s posting pics obviously from a hotel. Plus, there’s still no sign the Mama June: From Not to Hot matriarch’s back with her daughters. And, there are still criminal charges. So, Jennifer Thompson said her co-star needs to get her “life straight”.

Then, Jennifer said Sugar Bear’s ex needs to “put your man aside” and get rid of Geno. Plus, she advised that the Mama June: From Not to Hot star “go to rehab” and get back home for her children. In her latest videos, June still seems manic, and her veneers are still missing.

Thinner Jennifer Can Still Throw Shade – Admits Mama June: From Not to Hot Frauding?

Most people know reality shows aren’t as real as they’d like viewers to think. Now, Jennifer Thompson confessed that what they “show on TV is not always what’s happening”. However, this season, it’s supposedly real.

Then, Jennifer said it’s “different” this time on Mama June: From Not to Hot. Could this be real reality TV? There will be more of Sugar Bear and Jennifer Thompson co-parenting Alana, who’s currently living with Lauryn Shannon, AKA Pumpkin.

Although Jennifer Thompson’s got some harsh criticism and advice for June Shannon, she’s showing her stepdaughter love and hope on Mama June: From Not to Hot. Jennifer told Alana they need to “pray that [She] gets better” so that Alana can go home to her mother.

Finally, Jennifer reminded viewers they “are real people” who live in the “real world with real problems”. So, that seems to be a reminder that they’re not just characters on TV. Watch their hot mess of a family crisis Friday nights on WEtv.

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