‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Star Stocks Up on Junk Food in Quarantine

Mama June: From Not to Hot is back tonight but, in real-time, June Shannon is riding out the COVID-19 quarantine in Florida with Geno Doak. And, she was spotted buying a cartload of tasty treats, but not a lot of healthy foods in her basket.

Mama June: From Not to Hot – Cameo Cascade – Family Tight on Cash?

The whole June Shannon family is busy pushing their cameos. Just five days ago, Alana Thompson, AKA Honey Boo, joined Cameo. And Geno’s on there, too. Now, Mama June’s actively pushing fans to buy the shout-outs from her, and all the kids. So, are they hard up for cash?

As shown on Mama June: From Not to Hot, the family’s in crisis. Plus, fans may know that June Shannon unloaded her house at a quick sale (far below market value) and Alana’s living with sister Lauryn Shannon (Pumpkin) at the apartment she shares with Josh Efird and their daughter.

But June Shannon’s also asking fans to step up and buy Cameos from the rest of the family. The going rate is $15 for Jessica Shannon, Anna Shannon Cardwell for $20, and your choice of her or Geno for $30. The costliest of the Mama June: From Not to Hot bunch is Alana at $35.

Mama June: From Not to Hot - June Shannon - Geno Doak

June Shannon Still With Geno – Riding out Lockdown in Florida

While it’s clear that June Shannon’s still with Geno, she didn’t mention him in her recent plea for fans to purchase Cameos from her and watch the show. But, she’s posting videos from the same balcony on the ocean in Florida as Geno. And they’ve been spotted out and about there.

While the Mama June: From Not to Hot pair was hanging at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida, now they’re in the Port St Lucie area, about halfway between Daytona Beach and Miami. Meanwhile, on the Friday night episodes, she’s MIA from her daughters’ lives.

And the family’s frantic and hoping she’ll leave Geno. But, that doesn’t seem to be happening on the WEtv show. So, it appears that the Shannons couldn’t get her away from Geno on Mama June: From Not to Hot. She last posted a pic with Geno on March 25 (see above).

Mama June: From Not to Hot - June Shannon - Geno Doak

Junk Food Shopping in Quarantine – ‘From Not to Hot’ Star in Homemade Mask

Recently, the Mama June: From Not to Hot star was spotted at a Publix, shopping in a handmade mask. She picked up a Crock-Pot, some bottled water, and a big container of ketchup. But, it was the junk food she loaded up on that was eye-catching.

June Shannon loaded her crammed-full cart with at least five boxes of high-calorie treats. First, she got chocolate Twinkies, then some Tastee Cake cupcakes, and also some honey buns. She also scored some Bob Evans frozen goods, and some Wonder Bread.

At the same time, though, the Mama June: From Not to Hot matriarch looked to be maintaining her figure as she was in form-fitting leggings and a top. So, maybe it’s Geno that’s downing all the fattening goodies since he’s packed on some pounds recently (see pic above).

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