‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Geno Doak Much Heavier – See Weight Gain Before-After Pics

Mama June: From Not to Hot returns this week and Geno Doak looks drastically changed from the last time we saw him with June Shannon. While her weight ballooned last season on WEtv, now it seems her boyfriend packed on some pounds too. But how much weight did Geno gain? Take a look at the stunning before and after photos below.

June Shannon Struggles With Weight – Geno Doak’s Packing on Pounds Too

While the main focus of this season of Mama June: From Not to Hot – Family Crisis is about June Shannon’s spiral, and her pending court case for her drug-related charges. We’ll see her daughters Alana Thompson and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon struggle with her absence.

There’s also plenty more to come on Geno Doak. Because, the whole family, including her sister Doe Doe Shannon, blame Geno for all of Mama J’s troubles. Last season on Mama June: From Not to Hot, local police arrested Geno in front of the family. But that was just the start of the crisis.

Now, we’ll see on Mama June: From Not to Hot what happened with Geno Doak and June Shannon. It seems they’re not making healthy choices because Alabama police arrested both. Now, they look rough as June’s teeth are still busted – and Geno Doak’s bigger than we’ve seen.

Mama June: From Not to Hot - June Shannon - Geno Doak

How Much Weight Has Geno Doak Gained on Mama June: From Not to Hot?

Some Mama June: From Not to Hot fans commenting on Geno’s photos seem to think his weight gain’s because he’s sobered up. Then again, it could be because he and June were living at a casino hotel and spotted eating at buffets and fast food outlets. Even now, photos show she and her boyfriend Geno Doak crashing at hotels.

So, how much weight has the Mama June: From Not to Hot star gained? Look below at Geno Doak’s before and after photos. Another fan said she thinks he never worse sleeveless before because of needle track marks. He replied, “someone on point”.

Mama June: From Not to Hot - June Shannon - Geno Doak


Is the Weight Gain a Good Sign?

The big question with Geno Doak’s weight gain is whether this is a sign of sobriety. Often, addicts gain weight when they kick substances that suppress the appetite. As for Geno, that seems to be what he’s affirming in his comments with fans.

However, fans were mostly positive about the Mama June: From Not to Hot star’s weight gain. Most comments took his heavier stature as a sign of getting clean. You can see from the pics both above and below that Geno looks significantly beefier, with perhaps even 40-50 pounds more on his frame.

Mama June: From Not to Hot - June Shannon - Geno Doak

Where Are Mama June & Geno Doak Now?

Although we’ll soon see plenty of June Shannon (and possibly her boyfriend) starting this Friday on WEtv, everyone wants to know where they are now. The pic above right of a heavier Geno is from 10 days ago outside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida.

Geno Doak’s most recent pic has the pair in Hutchinson Island, Florida, along the beach. However, the beaches are all closed there, so that’s another law broken by Geno Doak. Wait to see the fate of June Shannon as Mama June: From Not to Hot returns.

Aside from reality TV, stay tuned here for news on June and Geno Doak’s pending felony criminal cases. They had a May 2020 court date after a grand jury indicted both on their 2019 arrest. However, given COVID-19 closures, it seems likely the Alabama court will delay their trials.

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