‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Tragic Details of Missing Mom Homecoming

Mama June: From Not to Hot star June Shannon makes a rather shocking appearance this new season when she returns after missing for months. The first episode rolls out on Friday, March 27 on WEtv. So, get ready as the previews seem to present June Shannon as one hot mess.

Mama June: From Not To Hot – June Shannon On the Lam

June will show up on Mama June: From Not to Hot in sad shape after being on the lam for several months. She sold her house and took a big loss while doing so. Then she pawned a diamond ring for a fraction of what it is worth but what comes next to obtain more cash is just horrendous.

June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak return after living on the road. It seems Mama co-signed for her daughter, Jessica Shannon when she purchased her car a while ago. This apparently made June part owner.

According to the latest reports, the car is gone. It seems the Mama June: From Not to Hot mom needed money so she took the title and pawned the vehicle. This leaves her daughter without a car and believe it or not, reports say that this wayward mom is still broke.

Mama June: From Hot to Not - June Shannon

Messy Home Coming

What fans get to see on Mama June: From Not to Hot is the family facing this famous Mama who finally returns home. This explains the latest gig that June Shannon signed up for. She’s made a video attempting to sell some diet products.

As described by fans online, she’s talking way too fast. A critic suggests that no one believes she’s using the stuff she’s trying to sell. But the video seems to validate the reports that the celebrity mom is hard up for money.

Recent reports have the Mama June: From Not to Hot wandering aimlessly through casinos with Geno. Fans also spotted her at a few buffets. But the latest June Shannon public appearance was in the parking lot of a store.

Mama June: From Not to Hot - June Shannon

Mama June: From Not to Hot – Back to Not?

So the last time fans reported seeing this WEtv star in public, she carried meat and chips in one hand. In the other, she held an iced coffee, which she’d periodically give Geno to swig.

Despite the disheveled celeb telling the fans she’s back and better than ever, it doesn’t sound as if people see this. It also sounds as if her family doesn’t think so either.

After the drug bust last year, June Shannon and Geno head for a court trial in May. The Mama June: From Not to Hot season picks up after she went missing following that drug bust in March 2019.

The missing mom comes home and from what the family said, it sounds as if she’s a mess. She was running the roads with Geno and they had lots of cash at their disposal.

The matriarch of the clan sold the family home then she pawned her daughter’s car. So that alone has family members upset.

But the unkempt mom’s appearance in this new season sounds fleeting. Reports indicate she’s not making a paycheck for this new WEtv season. That’s because she’s not on the show enough to earn one.

This leaves June Shannon broke, which makes her family members happy. This celebrity mom and money do not make a good couple. It seems her daughter Lauryn Shannon takes it a step further.

She hopes her mom gets prison time. That’s the only way the wayward mom will straighten out, suggests her daughter.

Tune in Friday night at 9 pm EST to WEtv and catch the new season of this popular reality show starring June Shannon.

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