‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – June Squeezes Back Into Baywatch Suit – She’s Still Got It

Mama June: From Not to Hot star June Shannon is working out and slimming down. Now, she’s back in her red swimsuit and is looking good. Surely, it looks like she’s ready to transform her life and get her body back.

Mama June: From Not to Hot – June Shannon Dives Back Into Fitness

Lately, June Shannon, star of Mama June: From Not to Hot is back on the fitness wagon. These days, she frequently posts pictures of herself in workout mode. Whether it’s in the gym or out for a jog. Also, she’s had lots of support from good pal Adam Barta.

Nowadays, she’s full of positivity and motivation. Clearly, a far cry from who she used to be. Surely, she looks healthier and happier than she has in a long time. No doubt, her hard work is paying off and she’s on the right path.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon - Adam Barta

Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Transforms Her Body

June Shannon of Mama June: From Not to Hot recently kicked herself back into high gear and is in great shape. No doubt, she looks still slim in her red suit. Clearly, she packed on some pounds while shooting last season of her WEtv reality show. But, she seems to have slimmed down, fixed her tooth, and is looking good.

Lately, she seems to be having a ball reinventing herself and flaunting her new bod. Plus, she seems to be closer than ever with fans. Surely, it looks like Mama is on the way to finding her old self again. No doubt, her family is proud of her progress.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon

Mama June Shannon A New Woman

So far, it seems like Mama from Mama June: From Not to Hot has put her dangerous ways behind her. As of March, it seemed she and Geno Doak were still an item. However, she doesn’t seem to be sharing pictures of them lately. But, even if they are still together it’s clear that her head is on straight and she’s making some serious changes in her life.

Surely, fans are supportive and likely thankful she is herself again. Hopefully, the next step is to reconnect with her family. No doubt her daughters want their Mama back and she sure seems well on her way. So, follow June Shannon on her social channels to keep up with her progress.

Be sure not to miss Mama June: From Not to Hot on WEtv Friday nights at 9 pm Eastern.

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