‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – June Extorts Fans – Overpriced Texts and Chats

Mama June: From Not to Hot star June Shannon is eager to connect with fans more than ever – but at a steep price that’s causing an uproar amongst fans. It’s making them wonder why she’s so desperate for cash these days.

Mama June: From Not to Hot – It Seemed June Shannon Seemed Was On The Right Track

On Mama June: From Not to Hot, June Shannon looked like she was doing well these days. She’s working out again and trying to stay healthy and lose the weight she put back on. Also, she fixed her broken tooth. Plus, she’s been reaching out to fans more.

Lately, she’s urging them to connect with her via Cameo for personalized videos and on her new website. On the new site, fans can chat with her or receive text messages. However, there is a catch – it isn’t cheap to connect with Mama June. And, it has social media buzzing.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon

Outrageous Prices To Connect With Her Fans

June Shannon of Mama June: From Not to Hot wants to chat with her followers but she’s charging them a pretty penny. Recently, she launched a website where her fanbase can video chat with her. But, the price is steep. It’s $40 per minute to chat with Mama June.

Now, that seems to be quite pricey. Not to mention, her Cameo videos are also $40. Of course, this has folks in an uproar wondering why she’s charging so much. No doubt, some people think it’s for drugs. Or, to keep the cash flowing for Geno Doak. Plus, people are outraged that she wants to be in touch with her fans but isn’t making an effort to see her family.

Mama June: From Not To Hot - June Shannon

Fans Think Mama June Should Be Connecting With Her Kids

People can’t believe the Mama June: From Not to Hot star is doing so much to stay close with those that follow her when she still isn’t in contact with her family. Especially, her daughters and granddaughter that need her. Mostly, Alana Thompson (aka Honey Boo Boo) because she’s been through so much. And, these are the formative years where she needs her mom the most. Lately, viewers can’t express enough how much they think her focus should be on her kids, not the website and making money.

June Shannon says she wants a connection with her fans but it seems she’s extorting them for it. Maybe, she’s being genuine but there’s no need to overcharge the people that support her. Hopefully, the reaction she’s getting will make her reconnect with her kids soon. Keep watching Mama June: From Not to Hot Fridays at 9:00 on WEtv to follow along with Mama June and her family.

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