‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Geno Blames His Drug Use on the Show’s Crew

Mama June: From Not to Hot star Geno Doak had quite a bit to say about the crew that runs the WEtv reality show. Now, Geno’s accusations are sure to shock fans and make them wonder if all the claims against him are true.

Mama June: From Not to Hot Update: Geno Claims the Show Let Drug Use Slide

Mama June: From Not to Hot’s Geno Doak had some bold words for the production team at Think Factory and WEtv. He claims they blocked him from posting anything on social media from his time on the show because he wants to be honest. But, they don’t want the “truth” to get out. Come to find out, Geno says they knew along he was using.

However, Geno said they did nothing about it because he was “still profitable” at that time. He said he believes the crew suspected his drug use. Geno says he went to the bathroom several times per day and came out pouring sweat. So, the Mama June: From Not to Hot crew would crack jokes like, “Is that what it’s they call it now, going to the bathroom?”

Geno Doak is adamant they knew he was getting high, but didn’t care – until he and June Shannon got arrested. Because, then, it was a bad look for them. Furthermore, Geno says not only did they overlook his dug use but they even escorted him around security checkpoints when they traveled. Of course, they knew he had drugs on him claims Geno Doak of Mama June: From Not to Hot.  

It’s Not the ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Crew’s Job

A documentary film crew’s responsibility is to document the subjects, not police them. Geno was hiding his drug use and blames people that suspected.  Some television shows, like A&E’s Intervention have won Emmy’s for documenting drug use. HBO has documented many subjects struggling with addiction and have shown the horrors of drug use as the subjects inject heroin.

Yes, Mama June: From Not to Hot is a reality show, but it’s still a docu-drama and perhaps by showing the aftermath of drug use it will help others not go down the same path as Geno or seek help.


Mama June: From Not To Hot - Geno Doak

Geno Claims Production Supplied Alcohol and Faked Texts

Mama June: From Not to Hot celeb Geno Doak wants to know why his drug and alcohol use is such an issue now. Supposedly, it wasn’t then. Geno says Think Factory frequently bought beer for him. And, anytime he had a red cup there was beer in it. On top of that, he used to go out drinking at bars with the team. Besides that, Geno admits he texted a woman inappropriately while he was with June.

Geno admits he and June had their problems. But, he claims a Mama June: From Not to Hot crew member sent texts pretending to be Geno Doak. This accusation has not been confirmed at this time.

Geno Seeking Legal Counsel

Geno Doak from Mama June: From Not to Hot said there is so much legally wrong with the way production did things. Supposedly, every time he started to tell the truth they deleted his posts and comments. He claims that everything he’s ever done that was illegal or questionable they condoned.

Geno says he didn’t have a driver’s license while on Mama June: From Not to Hot, but he was filmed driving. Of course, he admits it was his choice. It’s a sticky legal point as to when a documentary film crew has to step in when a subject is making poor decisions.

Geno Doak says he wants to better himself. But, it’s hard because every day there is new drama from Mama June: From Not to Hot viewers. And, he blames production for that. He believes they did him wrong and wants justice. No doubt, it’s hard for fans to know what to believe but he seems to be bent on getting the truth out.

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