‘Mama June: From Not To Hot’: June Threatens Women Trying to Steal Geno

Mama June: From Not To Hot‘s June Shannon threatened fans to stay away from her man Geno Doak. It seems some women are hitting his DMs in an inappropriate way. The reality star took to her Instagram to remind followers she is not above violence.

She said she does “kidnaps and shoot outs” if she thinks someone is making moves on her guy. While several comments supported June’s warning, many others called her out as controlling and insecure. Here’s what the WE tv star had to say.

Mama June: From Not To Hot – June Shannon Threatens Fans

June Shannon and Geno Doak just returned from a seemingly happy vacation together, yet her insecurities are on display on social media. In a recent post on her Not To Hot Instagram account, she warned women to stop crossing the line with her beau of three years. She even dared fans to send their comments to her instead of her beau and she will take care of them.

She reminded fans that he is taken. The Mama June: From Not To Hot lead argued that she will be the “worst nightmare” of anyone that makes a move on her man. Interestingly, June Shannon refers to Geno Doak as her “spouse” in the post, a title Geno is not willing to commit to anytime soon. In fact, Geno has repeatedly said he never wants to marry again.

Fans Call Reality Mom Out On Her Reaction

Several women responded to her outburst by suggesting if things are as good as she claims in her relationship with Geno, she shouldn’t care who he talks to. Then, a fan called her defensive and controlling. Many suggest the real problem is her lack of trust in her boyfriend.

However, his unwillingness to commit caused several women to suggest that Geno Doak is fair game. Surprisingly, the Mama June: From Not To Hot lead did not respond to the negative comments. Instead she let her original statement do the talking.

June’s Jealousy Causes More Problems In Her Relationship

Mama June: From Not To Hot viewers will recall he almost did not go to Las Vegas with the family for Lauryn Shannon (Pumpkin) and Josh Efird’s wedding last season. June Shannon exploded with jealousy when Geno Doak spoke in the past to Sugar Bear’s wife, Jennifer Thompson about Alana. The couple made up.

However, her insecurities and demands for a commitment continue in season three as she again pushes Geno for a ring. Previews indicate he will not join the mother and daughter in LA for Alana’s Dancing With The Stars: Juniors appearance.

Time Apart on New Season of Mama June’s Show

She hopes the time a part will give Geno Doak time to think about what he wants for the relationship. Many comments on the star’s Instagram post show he won’t be alone for long if he decides to end the relationship.

Many other women expressed romantic interest in the construction worker turned reality star. Season three promises to highlight how the June-Geno relationship plays out. The new season premieres March 15 at 9 pm on WE tv.

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