‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Geno Admits He and June Got Chunky – Blames Sober Living

Mama June: From Not to Hot personality Geno Doak recently said he and June Shannon gained a lot of weight. Geno blames getting sober and the COVID lockdown. Now, WEtv reality star Geno Doak is up over 300 pounds. Perhaps, he’ll join Mama June on her quest for fitness.

Mama June: From Not to Hot Update: Geno Doak Over 300 lbs While in Quarantine

Recently, Geno Doak of Mama June: From Not to Hot put it out there that he put on a large amount of weight. Geno was pretty slim back in the day. Now, he says he was in shock by the scale that read 303 lbs.

So, Geno Doak may try to shed some pounds soon because he says working out gives him a high – the good kind, of course. However, he claims the Coronavirus makes it difficult to work out. But, his girlfriend June seems to find a way to make it work. Lately, the Mama June: From Not to Hot celeb is frequently seen jogging and doing yoga.

Mama June: From Not To Hot - Geno Doak - June Shannon

Mama June Wants to Lose Weight Too – Working Hard to Make it Happen

Of course, Geno Doak was sure to mention that Mama June: From Not to Hot fave June Shannon needs to lose weight as well. However, it looks like she is doing her best these days to lose the weight she put on. Nowadays, she’s exercising and taking a supplement to help speed along the process.

Also, she’s proud to share with fans that she is “living the healthy life.” Geno hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon to slim down just yet. So, that may explain why she always works out with her good friend Adam Barta – she needs a workout buddy. However, it seems that now Geno is over the 300 mark he may be joining them.

Mama June: From Not To Hot

Geno Doak Blames Sobriety for Weight Gain

Geno Doak from Mama June: From Not to Hot started gaining weight quite some time ago. But, now, he puts the blame on getting clean and being in isolation. It’s common for people that quit vices, including smoking, to gain weight. Combined with the lockdown that many people are going through, it’s an uphill battle.

But, if Mama can put in the work and make a change for the better so can Geno. Be sure not to miss the final episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot and follow along with Geno Doak to see if he slims down soon.

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