‘LPBW’ Caryn Chandler Dishes On Matt Roloff’s Drink – Answers More Questions

LPBW fans asked Caryn Chandler what Matt Roloff had to drink at their surprise vacation barbecue, and she dished the answer. She also responded to many of her Instagram followers under her post showing a delicious pre-return to Portland meal. The post turned into a sort of chat as she answered more questions than she really had to.

‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff questioned about his drink

In the photo that Caryn posted up, Matt held a glass in one hand and a fan asked what the LPBW patriarch was drinking, wondering if it was coke.  That may sound like an odd question to ask anyone unless they look a little tipsy. However, fans of the show saw such intimate moments in the Roloff family over the years, they almost feel like family. Certainly, Caryn didn’t seem to mind answering the question. She replied, saying that he drank Diet Pepsi, but that he does enjoy coke too. So no, Matt’s not into the hard tack if you thought that.

It seems that at any moment now, Caryn and Matt expect to depart from Surprise and head for Portland for the month of December.  Thanksgiving saw the family in different parts of the country but perhaps come Christmas, they’ll gather for more family time. Caryn said in her caption that they ate a homecooked dinner on the last night of their Arizona holiday. At least one LPBW fan who saw them during their Surprise vacation mentioned that they saw them at Babbos. Caryn replied, saying that they should come and “say hi next time.”

Fans of ‘Little People, Big World’ chat and get some answers

The Roloff family may be reality TV stars, but they certainly don’t strut around with their noses in the air. Certainly, looking at how LPBW‘s Caryn made such a casual and friendly invitation for fans to say “hello,” indicates they have their feet firmly on the ground. Another thing that Little people, Big World fans enjoy is that Caryn so often replies to comments on her posts.

In reply to a question about the fact that she cooked and she doesn’t like doing that, Caryn replied that BBQ’s “easy” and she agreed that she really doesn’t like to cook. Another follower, @kL14129, asked when LPBW is returning and Caryn said that we should expect it around “spring time.” Yet another question was directed at Caryn about where the BBQ was. Well, now we all know it’s in the backyard and Caryn promised to share a photo of it.

Caryn Chandler shops locally – LPBW

Caryn supports local business, which is unpretentious and at the same time, not for profit. As one LPBW fan asked where she purchased her dishes from, she said she bought them in Surprise. Really, too often paid shout outs justify the Instagram posts in the first place. But Cary said they just “caught” her eye in a “consignment store” in Surprise. After what seemed like a pleasant interaction among friends, fans of LPBW now know that they like Iceberg rather than Romaine greens. The couple also enjoys a good steak and plan to eat salmon next time. Plus, fajita’s are on the menu for them one of these days soon.

What do you think of Caryn Chandler dishing on what Matt Roloff drinks and answering so many questions? Did you think that fans and followers feel like special friends of the LPBW couple?

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