‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Getting Married Again?

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman often refers to Clint Brady as her husband still – but a new audio clip hints she might marry someone else soon. This week, as Tracie sought to clear up some questions about her often-messy personal life, the WEtv star sparked others at the same time.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Getting Married Again?

It’s a running joke that now and then, Tracie Wagaman refers to Clint Brady as her husband “wherever he may be.” In case you don’t know, where Clint was last reported to be is living in Ohio with his new girlfriend, Gen. Meanwhile, Tracie relocated to Las Vegas.

For a minute, Love After Lockup alum Tracie Wagaman dated another reality castoff, Matt Baier (the ex of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood). She dated Matt, a guy who’s age-appropriate for her, in early 2020. After they busted up, she moved on to a much younger man.

Tracie Wagaman from Love After Lockup now dates Luke Loera, who’s 30 compared to her 40. And after a recent leak from Tracie, we’re wondering if she’s about to marry her decade-younger boyfriend. If so, does that mean she and Clint finally made their split legal?

Love After Lock Up: Tracie Wagaman - Clint Brady

Anti-Bullying Post Reveals Marriage Talk

Recently, Tracie Wagaman leaked some DMs, including a voice recording, of someone she says trolled her. The Love After Lockup reality star said it’s “not cool” to show direct messages but is “making an exception” because the “audacity” of a woman named Jade “shocked the manners” out of her.

This messy situation ties back to Jade and some other woman allegedly saying “awful things,” according to the former jailbird. But that’s just the background to the really exciting tidbit about Tracie. In an audio message, Jade scrambles to explain herself to Love After Lockup star Tracie.

Then she said, of the Love After Lockup celeb, that “I actually heard you’re getting married,” then offered congratulations to Tracie Wagaman. This is someone Tracie’s reportedly been talking to for a while now, so could it be that she’s got some inside scoop on her love life and wedding plans?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - Luke Loera

Tracie Ignores Wedding Mention – Focused on Hurt Feelings – Love After Lockup

Tracie Wagaman included three voice messages while outing someone she said reportedly did her wrong. Then, she accused this Australian person by saying, “do not ask for my help and then right out lie to me.” Could it be that the former felon was so eager to bust Jade that she forgot to edit key info out of the audio?

Many Love After Lockup followers may assume Clint Brady’s still married to his Goddess. But these exes might have sealed their divorce with little public fanfare. And the romance between Tracie and her younger man Luke seems to be chugging along nicely.

So, could it be that Tracie and Luke have Las Vegas wedding plans, and she inadvertently revealed them? We’re digging into this Love After Lockup question and will get back to you with answers. In the meantime, who else is excited to see her shimmy into another wedding dress?

Remember Tracie’s last nuptials fresh out of prison — and then her heading straight back to jail? Stay tuned here for more on this developing story.

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