‘Love After Lockup’: Sarah Shrinking Away – Half the Size She Was

Love After Lockup‘s Sarah Simmons (Michael Simmons’ ex) recently showed off more weight loss. The young mother dropped the pounds since filming her first season of the WEtv show with Michael. And she appears to be half the size she used to be.

Love After Lockup Update: Sarah Simmons Shows Off Slim Figure

Love After Lockup star Sarah Simmons showed off her figure in a new jacket. It’s a form-fitting orange number that really shows off her figure. And based on the latest update from Michael Simmons’ estranged wife, it looks like she lost even more weight.

Sarah Simmons made a lot of progress with her fitness program in recent months. And a lot of watchers are glad to see her do well. She was heavier in the past when she filmed Love After Lockup and its spinoff. And it seems she focuses on her new body to move forward and lose the excess weight.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Love After Lockup: Sarah Slammed for Using Filters

Many Love After Lockup followers congratulate Sarah Simmons on all the hard work to drop the pounds. Overall, she looks happier. She seems to be in a much better place since losing the weight – and kicking Michael Simmons to the curb. Still, some viewers question what she does in her latest pics.

Sarah Simmons sometimes uses filters in her photos. That – combined with strategic angles – leads some Love After Lockup viewers to question what they see coming from her. Using filters to put forth a more idealized image is certainly nothing new. Reality cast members do this all the time. But, from unfiltered videos, there is little doubt that Sarah has put in the hard work to lose weight, tone up, and to get where she is today.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons - Sarah Simmons

WEtv Mom Living Her Best Life Without Michael Simmons?

Sarah Simmons has her share of Love After Lockup fans and critics. Either way, she seems to do what’s best for herself and her girls. Interestingly, she hasn’t shared any updates recently on her relationship status with her new guy, Malcolm. But, that’s likely because WEtv wants to keep that under lock and key with the return of Life After Lockup coming up.

Life After Lockup spoilers for upcoming episodes show Sarah isn’t done with the Michael Simmons drama just yet. Michael doesn’t like the fact that Sarah has a new guy. And he has a plan to drive a wedge between them. Michael believes Sarah will leave her new beau if he can “force the issue”. He tells her he wants to marry her. So, that leaves the door open for even more drama in this storyline.

In the meantime, Sarah seems focused on staying healthy and being a mom to her girls. And it seems Love After Lockup watchers won’t know more about how things go with the men in her life until the WEtv spinoff returns.

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