‘Love After Lockup’ News: Josh Hyatt Arrested – Drugs and Gun Felony Charges

Love After Lockup star Josh Hyatt (Cheryl Childers’ former boyfriend) is behind bars again. And this time, he has several felony charges against him. The WEtv inmate seemed to get his life together prior to this. But it looks like he went back to his old ways.

Love After Lockup: Josh Hyatt Arrested Again – Charges with Felonies

Love After Lockup celeb Josh Hyatt is behind bars again in Colorado. There are currently five charges against the WEtv felon, including possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance, possession of a substance with the intent to distribute, and more.

Police in Colorado also nabbed Love After Lockup alum Josh Hyatt for possession of a weapon by a previous offender, violating an order of protection, and a parole violation (hold for parole). So, things do not look very good for Cheryl Childers’ old boyfriend.

Love After Lockup: Josh Hyatt

Love After Lockup: More on Josh’s Charges

Love After Lockup personality Josh Hyatt has a range of severity with his latest batch of charges. Having a substance with plans to distribute is a third-degree felony. Meanwhile, having a weapon on him as a previous offender is a fifth-degree felony. Fifth-degree felonies are the least severe as far as felonies go.

In addition, Josh Hyatt in violation of a protection order is a first-degree misdemeanor. There’s a wide range when it comes to his recent charges – each coming with their own parameters in terms of potential time behind bars. For example, a third-degree felony in Colorado alone can result in four to twelve years behind bars – including a fine of anywhere from $3,000 to $750,000.

As of right now, Love After Lockup cast member Josh Hyatt’s bond amount is at $150,000. And he is currently behind bars in Colorado.

Life After Lockup: Josh Hyatt

Cheryl Childers’ Ex Returning to a Life of Crime

Following Josh Hyatt’s messy Love After Lockup split with Cheryl Childers, it seemed like he got his act together. He got a job at a roofing company in Colorado. And he had pics out and about with his dogs. Josh even published a book – a crime thriller. And a lot of watchers said they liked it.

He found a rebound girlfriend after a very public back and forth with Cheryl – including a number of accusations and mud-slinging from both sides. Meanwhile, after all that was behind him, Josh seemed to do his own thing and focus on himself. Currently, there aren’t a lot of details surrounding the circumstances of his latest arrest and everything that went down. But, with his current list of charges, he will probably go back to prison for a long time.

Along with the charges he faces currently, there’s also the fact that Love After Lockup‘s Josh has a criminal past. So, when it comes to sentencing, the courts may be more severe given his criminal history. Either way, this is something to watch as more details surrounding his arrest come to light.

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