‘Love After Lockup’: Cast Mocks Daniel Valentine Tattoos

Love After Lockup star Daniel Valentine is getting mocked by other cast members like Lamar Jackson. Some of the WEtv show’s celebs offer their take on Daniel’s tattoos in sneak peeks for an upcoming special.

With a new season coming up, the WEtv network put together two specials to tide fans over. And, Love After Lockup spoilers tease a lot of funny moments ahead. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Prison Tattoos & More

Tattoos are a big part of prison life on Love After Lockup. Most WEtv felon cast members sport body art – including Tracie Wagaman, Brittany Dodd Santiago, Shane Whitlow, and more. But, it’s not just about what ink you have. Where you put it says a lot about you, too.

In addition, Love After Lockup spoilers show WEtv stars reacting to Daniel Valentine’s face tattoo. And, many go out of their way to make fun of his choice of ink. WEtv personalities go in on Daniel’s umbrella tattoo under his eye. And, there are a lot of theories surrounding what the ink could mean.

LALU: Lamar Jackson & More React to Daniel Valentine’s Ink

Love After Lockup: True Confessions spoilers show a handful of fan-favorites giving their two cents on Daniel Valentine’s umbrella tattoo. Shane Whitlow says he must “cry a lot”. Meanwhile, Tony says it reminds him of “Mary Poppins on crack”.

Lamar Jackson added that back in the day, seeing someone with face tattoos meant they were “killers”. And, they were “willing to die for their turf”. But, according to Lamar, having body art on your face is more commercial these days. Moreover, it doesn’t always mean you’re a hardened criminal.

Lamar Jackson was a gangbanger for many years. And, because of that, he definitely saw his share of hardened criminals. One of the concerns Andrea Edwards had about living in California was that Lamar Jackson would run with the same crowd and fall back into his old ways. So, it’s interesting to hear his take – especially given his history.

Meanwhile, Michael Simmons doesn’t think Daniel murdered anyone. And, like fellow Love After Lockup alum, Tony, Sarah Simmons’ husband brought Mary Poppins back into the mix. Certainly, the former felons aren’t afraid to roast their cast mates in the upcoming special episode.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

What Do Daniel Valentine’s Designs Mean?

Turns out, there’s meaning behind Daniel Valentine’s upside down umbrella ink near his eye. According to Daniel, when his tears fall, there’s no one there to catch them. This gets an “OMG” reaction from Tony. And, Brittany Dodd Santiago says “that’s out there”. But, it seems to work for Daniel.

Daniel Valentine adds that the symbols on his body aren’t just a series of random tattoos. Moreover, according to Lizzy Copeland’s ex, everything on his body describes who he is. So, even though WEtv stars joke in the upcoming Love After Lockup special, everything has meaning to Daniel Valentine.

Love After Lockup: Daniel Valentine

What to Expect from Love After Lockup Special

An all-new season starts on Friday, July 17. The fresh episodes introduce viewers to a new crop of cast members. Meanwhile, in the first of these two specials, fans catch up with old favorites as they react to scenes from the show. It’s a great way for WEtv to tide fans over heading into the next installment. And, based on the Love After Lockup: True Confessions teaser clips, there’s a lot more in store when the specials premiere.

Tune in to True Confessions, Friday, July 3, only on WEtv.

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