‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany’s Fierce New Look

Love After Lockup’s Brittany is sporting a beautiful new look and she loves it. According to chatter on social media, many fans love it too. She has been a fan-favorite for many viewers from the beginning and many fans root for Brittany after hearing her story. She wants to stay out of prison and make a good life for herself and her children. So, the LAL star recently underwent a stunning makeover that drastically changes her looks. And, it’s all about the hair!

‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany And Marcelino’s Beautiful Ceremony

On Love After Lockup the couple’s wedding was called an absolute tearjerker by some viewers. Their personally-written vows seemed heartfelt and sincere. Fans posted that they appear to love each other very much. They both had family and friends there to support them on their special day.

Additionally, her little boy Giovanni was the ring bearer and stole the show. Her stepdad walked her down the aisle and gave her away. Surely, there was not a dry eye in the house. Marcelino and Brittany seem to be on the road to happiness after LAL.

LAL: Stunning Mother to New Baby Girl

Love After Lockup star Brittany Santiago recently had her first child with new husband Marcelino Santiago. Her older son Giovanni said he’s thrilled to be a big brother. He couldn’t wait to meet his little sister.

The mom-to-be looked glowing and radiant as she embarks on her new life with Marcelino. So, her new ‘do’ puts her over the top. Some fans think pregnancy agrees with Brittany from Love After Lockup. But others are quick to point out that this is her fourth child.

Brittany Gets A Makeover

LAL’s Brittany Santiago takes time out to pamper now that her new bundle arrived. Certainly, it’s hard for a new mom to find time for salon visits, but she deserved some down time. Parenting a newborn is exhausting work, after all. After her makeover, she took to Instagram to share her new look and fans swooned.

So far, she seems to be doing great and happy in her new life with her little family. However, her friends said she was in the same position when dating Giovanni’s father Tito. On the show, Brittany said she was happy for the first year out of prison with Tito, then fell back into drugs and wound up back in prison.

What’s Next For Brittany Following Love After Lockup?

Certainly, LAL fans are curious to know what Brittany and Marcelino Santiago planned for their future. Of course, they are starting their family with their little one born at the first of the year. But, do they have plans for more? She says she’s done for the time being. But, who knows what the future holds.

Also, they’re very involved with their fans. They hosted a watch party for the finale. Plus, they are hosting a raffle to fly one lucky lucky viewer out to Vegas to spend two days with them. Brittany and Marcelino seem sincere and on the right track. No doubt, they will focus on their family and enjoy their life together. Fans wish them the best of luck.

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