‘Love After Lockup’ Recap: Scott Proposes to Lizzie Season 2 Episode 8 ‘She Said Yes?’

Love After Lockup recap for Season 2 Episode 8 ‘She Said Yes?’ show Lizzie is shocked when Scott proposes, Megan and Michael finally have sex and Brittany goes wedding dress shopping with her ex-girlfriend. Matt’s drinking starts to cause problems for his relationship with Caitlin and Clint suffers as Tracie remains missing.

Love After Lockup recap: Marcelino and Brittany

Marcelino and Brittany go to her baby daddy Tito’s house to see her son. He is adorable and so happy to see his mommy. They agree that Giovanni will spend the next night with Brittany. Giovanni cries as Brittany leaves but she promises she will return.

They couple go ring shopping as they move forward in their relationship. Brittany, her best friend Sasha and her ex-girlfriend Amanda go to pick out a wedding dress for Brittany.  Things get very awkward on Love After Lockup when Amanda also tries on a dress and tells the camera Brittany should marry her instead of Marcelino.

Caitlin and Matt

Matt heads out to party with his friends while Caitlin stays home with his mother. He has now been out of prison for two weeks and has still not looked for a job.  She worries that as Matt drinks he will make bad choices. Matt stays out past 2 am but does come home. His mom puts pressure on Caitlin to force Matt to get a job.

Love After Lockup – Scott and Lizzie

Scott has a surprise planned for Lizzie since their first date didn’t go well. As Lizzie gets ready her daughter Jazmye again tells her mother she doesn’t think Scott is right for her. Later Jazmye tells the camera she will do everything she can to break up the couple.

Scott takes Lizzie out to the countryside and asks her to be his wife. After much hesitate she accepts his proposal but tells the camera things are moving very fast and that she isn’t sure if it is the right decision. She worries what her daughter will say but does think she and Scott could have a future together.

Clint and Tracie

It is the morning after their wedding on Love After Lockup and Tracie is MIA. Right after they exchanged vows the couple returned to their hotel room. Tracie used crack cocaine. She then took Clint’s phone, a $100 out of his wallet and rental car to buy more drugs. She left her wedding ring behind and Clint cries to the camera that he is worried she is hurt somewhere. Clint finally reports the car stolen and flies home.

Love After Lockup – Megan and Michael and Sarah

Megan arrives at Niagara Falls and checks into the nice hotel Michael has reserved for them. As she waits for him to arrive she hopes he plans to propose and says she is ready to get some D.

As Meagan waits, Sarah has lunch with a friend and tells her she has no idea where Michael is. He left seven hours ago and she hasn’t heard from him. Sarah also shares she might be pregnant.

Michael arrives at the hotel with a dozen roses and they usher the camera out of their hotel room as they move to consummate the relationship.

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