‘Love After Lockup’: Andrea Edwards Put on Blast – Fights Back Hard

Love After Lockup spoilers show Andrea Edwards faces some harsh words soon from people close to her. And she and her husband, Lamar Jackson, struggle to face their issues. But, Andrea won’t back down without a fight on the WEtv reality series.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Andrea Edwards Pushed Too Far

New Love After Lockup spoilers have Andrea Edwards at her limit since Lamar had Priscilla meet his oldest daughter Shante. Life After Lockup viewers recently saw Andrea so angry she took off to a hotel with the girls. However, her son Tennison refused to go.

Of course, the last thing she wants is to leave her home or upset her children. But, she felt so betrayed by Lamar that she couldn’t stay at the house. Now, in the middle of Andrea’s troubles with Lamar, she must face a new obstacle, confirm Love After Lockup spoilers.

Andrea Edwards Faces Backlash From Church

Love After Lockup spoilers soon find that Andrea Edwards catches heat from her church friends. Her religion is Mormon, and she takes it very seriously. However, some folks from her church group have something to get off their chests.

Soon, on Life After Lockup, Andrea’s friends tell her that moving to LA has made her a sinner. She claps back that their words are “so disrespectful.” To make matters worse, it looks like they lash out during a special occasion.

Soon, on Love After Lockup, Andrea Edwards may need to make some hard choices to turn things around. She and Lamar must understand each other and reach an agreement to get their marriage back on track.

WEtv Couple Struggles

Coming up on Love After Lockup, Lamar and Andrea Edwards must come up with a compromise. If they want to keep their household running smoothly, they both need to give a little. Of course, Lamar thinks he should be able to his daughter Shante whenever he wants.

Furthermore, he wants Shante and Priscilla to bond as sisters. Love After Lockup spoilers know Andrea is against the idea for her own personal reasons. But, they will need to work something out so that they can both be happy.

As for Andrea’s church members, it doesn’t look like she will let them push her around. Get ready for some shocks and a ton of drama this week on Life After Lockup. Watch as Andrea Edwards puts the haters in their place and figures out how to move forward with hubby Lamar on the WEtv reality show.

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