‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa Caputo Makes Carmen Electra Cry

Long Island Medium celebrity Theresa Caputo is making Carmen Electra’s sob after getting into contact with her dead mother. And that Theresa’s revealing to Carmen is leaving this celebrity feeling sad.

Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo & Carmen Electra Connect

Long Island Medium spoilers show Carmen Electra talking to Theresa Caputo about her childhood. Also, she’s talking about her mother’s passing.

First, these spoilers show Carmen holding back tears as she says ” that’s beautiful.” And Theresa Caputo is nodding her head as she grinds her lips together.

Next, Carmen says it has to be her mother coming through. Theresa says her mother’s stepping forward and is telling Theresa to look at her “beautiful daughter.”

Also, Theresa says Carmen’s mom is talking about how surprised she is about her success. She’s bringing up the dancing, the singing, and dancing in the living room. And that her mother is shocked at how beautiful and successful Carmen is.

Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo

Tears Shed During Psychic Reading

Long Island Medium celebrity Theresa Caputo keeps telling Carmen about the things her mother is communicating. She says that Carmen’s mom is only missing out on physical being with her. But, that she’s seen all of the things Carmen’s done and how successful she is.

Also, Theresa reveals her parents are attending everything that she’s doing in her life. But, that they’re with her in spirit. Next, she says that Carmen Electra shouldn’t feel like she should’ve made different choices or decisions.

Long Island Medium: Carmen Electra

Long Island Medium: Carmen Electra Breaks Down to Theresa Caputo

Long Island Medium guest Carmen Electra says that what the psychic is sharing with her is resonating. Also, she says she’s working on a lot of projects and that she would feel very guilty. She says it’s because she wouldn’t miss work to spend time with her mom.

So, she’s feeling guilty. This is because she feels like she should’ve spent more time with her mom before her passing. But, Theresa Caputo says her mom knew that the celebrity whispered in her ear after she died. And that it was right when her daughter told her to let go because she’d be at peace.

This causes Carmen Electra to break down and sob on Long Island Medium. What Theresa reveals next shocks her. Next, Carmen Electra says her mother died in 1997 after a brain tumor. Also, she says that it was a long process. And that it was hard for everyone because of how much she saw her best friend suffer.

Then, she says that she understands that her mom is able to see how much she’s succeeding. And where she’s at with her career. So, she says it’s bringing her a lot of comfort knowing that her mom is around her, even if it’s not physically.

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