‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Shares Favorite Baby J Photo of 2018

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff took to Instagram to share his favorite photo of Baby J from 2018. In fact, he accumulated so many pictures of Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff’s little boy, the decision probably took him quite some time.

During the year, we saw Jackson Roloff with Matt on the mule, visiting his grandpa, and Baby J in the pumpkin patch. All of the pics were charming and gave viewers the good feelies.

Little People, Big World – Baby J, the Fan Favorite

Baby J fast became the fan-favorite for Little People, Big World viewers. His cousin Ember also has her own charm, but perhaps Jackson appeals so much as many fans recall Zach as a boy. Often, we see photos of the baby doing the very same things we saw his dad doing but a little bit older.  Frequently, Matt shares photos of both grandchildren and LPBW watchers love that. They simply cannot get enough of them.

For his favorite, Matt chose a photo of Baby J at the beach. In the image, the cute little guy has sand all over his face. According to Matt, he did a “face plant” but there were no tears. Grandpa Matt captioned it with a comment that it’s his favorite and that they were on the beach in Hawaii. He called his grandson “100% professional” and said he’s “living and lovin’ life”.

On a side note, in a previous post, Matt told Little People, Big World addicts they can also request shoutouts on Cameo. For fans who want more interaction than looking at pictures, there’s an opportunity they could consider.

Fans React to Matt Roloff’s Photo From 2018

Matt Roloff’s photo and caption once again captured the hearts of Little People, Big World fans. Here’s what some of them had to say about this favorite photo from 2018:

  • @oliviaandbensmom: “He truly is one of the cutest little pumpkins I have EVER seen… Pure perfection.”
  • @lorcogs: “This might be the cutest picture of Jackson yet, and he has a lot. Thank you for sharing your lil farmer with us it made my day.”
  • @joleigh1119: “I guffawed so loud, I legit scared the mostly deaf cat.”
  • @t_r_e_e_w_h_i_s_p_e_r_s: “Ohhh my goodness – be still my heart❣️ @mattroloff i hope you count your Blessings everyday bcz you truly are a Blessed man – Thank you for sharing?”
  • @juliedegrandis: “I never get enough of seeing pictures of this adorable little boy !!!you must be so proud @mattroloff.”
  • @bossyington: “Matt I am a huge Canadian fan … love you and your family … but hands down … that is the most fabulous picture ever.”

LPBW Should Return to TLC in Spring of 2019

Little People, Big World should return to our screens around spring of this year. Actually, even Matt Roloff noted to Soap Dirt that they really don’t know the exact date yet. However, both he and Amy speculated that spring is about right. Watchers of the show really hope Baby J and Ember feature in future seasons.

Now he’s growing up and toddling, talking, dancing and generally being a cutie, people hope to see the next generation grow up. What do you think of Matt Roloff choosing this photo of Baby J as one of the favorites from 2018? Do you think it’s cute?

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