‘Little People, Big World’: Ember Roloff’s First Haircut – No More “Mullet” – See Pics

Little People, Big World proud mom Audrey Roloff took Ember Roloff for her very first haircut, and the results are adorable. We’ve got the cute before and after photos of Ember with her brand new do.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Jokes About Ember Roloff’s “Mullet”

The pandemic and stay-at-home orders have kept many people away from the barber and hair salon. And it seems Audrey Roloff and her daughter are no exception. But, Audrey went ahead with the significant milestone for Ember Roloff of getting her very first haircut.

Little People, Big World‘s wife of Jeremy Roloff, made a fun choice for Ember’s first trim. Audrey took her to a kid-themed salon. The toddler, who will be three in September, chose a tiny police car as her seat. You can see below Ember Roloff in her little chair sitting patiently for her haircut.

And once the work was done, Ember said for the camera, “I got my first haircut.” At first, the Little People, Big World grandkid seemed a bit nervous, but she sat quietly for the hairstylist. Meanwhile, Audrey filmed the event and captioned it “bye bye mullet hairs.”

Little People Big World: Ember Roloff

Ember Proud of New Hairdo – See Before and After Pics of LPBW Granddaughter

Little People, Big World Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff always post “likes” on Audrey Roloff’s images of their family. So, you can bet Jeremy Roloff’s parents were excited to see the cute haircut. Back home after the trim, Ember posed and twirled for the cameras – all smiles.

Hopefully, this is event Little People, Big World fans won’t hassle Audrey for posting. The same week that Audrey took Ember for her first snip, she drew criticism for another post of her daughter and son, Bode Roloff. Recently, Audrey and Jeremy got back their blue VW van.

They took their beloved “Blue Moon” for a drive with the Little People, Big World grandkids along for the ride. However, Ember wasn’t in a seatbelt in the photos inside the antique vehicle. When fans piled on with remarks, Audrey called them “Karens” in response.

Little People Big World: Ember Roloff

Little People, Big World’s Ember Cheers as Bode Tries Something New Too

It wasn’t just Ember Roloff trying something new this week. Her brother Bode got into the action too. While a trim was Ember’s adventure, for Bode, it was watermelon. It was the six-month-old’s first solid food. So, Audrey chose watermelon for his first nosh.

The Little People, Big World mom of two laughed with Jeremy as Bode tried to wrangle the piece of fruit. Ember laughed along with her parents as Bode got his first taste and squished his face up in a grimace. After that, he was off to the races, devouring the fruit.

You can also see above that Audrey saved a snippet of Ember Roloff’s hair in a special keepsake box. As most moms do, she kept a few locks because it was the hair she had when Audrey “held her for the first time.” So, enjoy the pics of Ember Roloff’s first haircut and get updates here often.

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