‘Little People, Big World’ Baby J Stung By Bee On Matt Roloff’s Watch

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff iced Baby J‘s hand after a bee stung him. Matt posted up a video of the little guy eating off a plate in the Mule, looking very cute. Fans of the show grew concerned about an obvious bruise on his head, but that didn’t happen on Matt’s watch, he noted.  However, the bee sting did, and he had a few anxious moments.

‘Little People, Big World’s’ Baby J’s a tough little farmer

According to Matt, Baby J’s encounter with the bee happened while he was babysitting his grandson. When fans questioned the bump on the little boy’s head, Matt Roloff responded to questions about if it happened on his watch. Matt babysat for Tori and Zach while they went off to do some “filming duties,” he explained. Obviously, Matt’s always happy spending time with Baby J. But the bee sting concerned him for a bit.

Matt Roloff wrote, “no not the bruise. But he did get stung by a bee on my watch while we were out tonight.. amazingly he barely cried.. a quick yelp ..15 sec of cry. Then he moved on. Of course, I’m all icing his poor little hand and worried sick. He went straight back to playing 3 min later. Tough little farmer.” It seems that the smallest fan-favorite on Little People, Big World coped just fine. Viewers of the show love how Matt called Baby J a “little farmer” and hope to see him grow up through the series. They watched him since birth and Jackson’s growing more independent these days, often going out with Grandpa.

‘LP, BW’ fans worry about Jackson’s bruise on his head

In the video, Jackson displayed a bump on his head and some LP, BW followers expressed concern about it. But Matt reassured them Jackson’s bruise didn’t happen while he babysat. @jurzenskic posted, “Oh oh bump on his head. It is scary watching grandkids.” Other fans noted all babies get to toddler age and then they fall. Bumps and bees just happen as they become more adventurous. The bruise showed up clearly in the video, so it probably happened a few days back.

@tinkers_mimi told Matt in their comment, “Boo boos & bee stings come to all wee ones not wrapped in bubble wrap and isolated indoors, so no stressing. But you sound just like I was with my first grandblessing. Lol Now I have three, so far they’re thriving even with their boo boos & stings on my watch (of course, after they go home, I wallow in my grandma guilt lol. I think it’s harder on us!).”

Matt Roloff’s a lucky man, fans agree

Little People, Big World fans agree that Matt Roloff is a very lucky man. His life started out hard with his operations. The divorce was tough for everyone, but Matt’s little grandson Baby J simply adores his grandpa. Commenters noted how sweetly Jackson looks up at Matt and how happy they seem to be together. “Aw, Jackson is so cute. The look he gave you. You can tell he loves his Grandpa very much,” wrote lmill219.

What do you think of Baby J being such a tough little boy after his bee sting? Do you think Matt Roloff was right to be so worried about it? Stay in touch with more news about the stars of Little People, Big World by checking in with Soap Dirt often.