‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Hilarious Shopping Choices

Little People, Big World fans know Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler took a break in Arizona last week. Caryn posted up a video showing Matt playing pickle ball with his crutch. Then, on Saturday (September 15) she took to Instagram again. This time, she posted up a photo of Matt Roloff helping her to shop. Matt also posted a picute and it seems his shopping choices brought out the naughty boy in him. The hilarious shopping choices included a Mexican-looking dancer model with lips sewn together, gothic makeup and a touch of a Spider-Man web on its face. Luckily, it wasn’t a real model.

Matt Roloff’s hilarious knick-knack choice

Caryn Chandler seemed stunned as she just stared at Matt Roloff when he said he ‘thought this was a “must have.” In the photo, the whole store offers baskets, seats, benches, pot plants, wreaths and more. But Matt Roloff decided the weird-looking giant doll-like thing was something to take home.

However, from the naughty look on his face, apparently, he was joking. Matt got a laugh out of it, and so did his fans. Since the patriarch of Little People, Big World started living with Caryn Chandler, he seems more settled, happier, and light-hearted.

Fan behape_4evr, said they saw the same thing at “Homegoods. Eyes light up, it looks awesome but big.” Lots of followers felt that it was really “creepy.” One fan suggested it was “a “Catrina” a character of Mexican customs.” They added, “Have not you seen the movie Coco? I know you would love it and it would reach your soul.” However, another follower, @avmedg, denied it was Catrina, pointing out that “La Catrina is death dressed as a woman.” Whatever it was, it looked downright funny, especially with Matt Roloff giving it the thumbs up.

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Out shopping for some home Knick knacks —- I thought this was a “must have”. Caryn just stared at me.

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‘Little People, Big World’ could use it in the Roloff’s Pumpkin Patch

There’s no word as to whether Matt Roloff really bought the oddity, but it sure would look great somewhere in the pumpkin patch at Halloween. Mind you, it looks a bit scary, so Ember and Baby J mightn’t like it. Some fans asked if they actually bought it, but others gave some straight advice. @mandygirl1914 said, “No keep shopping.”

Meanwhile, Caryn Chandler’s picture of Matt Roloff helping her shop was also quite funny. There seemed to be a lot of fun going on as Matt explored things to buy. She captioned it, “Matt’s a good shopping helper. Lol” Matt’s holding a basket weave looking thing, that might be either a lampshade or a basket, and a cactus. Again, we see that naughty, but happy grin from the Little People, Big World star.

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Matt’s a good shopping helper. Lol

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‘LP, BW’ fans love that Matt Roloff’s happy

Fans of LP, BW love it that Matt looks so happy. Many people notice these days how his eyes light up when he’s around Baby J, Ember, and Caryn Chandler. As @iciaisi pointed out to Matt, “Arizona and happiness suits you!” People teased Matt about the basket and cactus, saying that they are Arizona essentials. Another fan of the show, who followed it since the beginning, posted how lucky they were to see them in the shop.

What do you think of Matt Roloff’s funny shopping choice? Would you put one of those creepy things in your home? Do you think he actually bought it?

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